Gallery Furniture Helps Sales Teams Manage An Increase in Leads More Effectively


Gallery Scores Big with More Leads

Gallery Furniture needed a way to make their website more effective to compete with online giants, increase online leads, improve lead management and ultimately close more sales. Dan Marchione, analytics director, says it meant taking a fresh look at their digital marketing strategy in March 2017. They dedicated a “ton of resources and man-hours” into learning the best steps to make improvements, he says.

Marchione says they then implemented website conversion software to provide customers with enhanced online experiences that are both inviting and informative, which has been key to their success. “The software gives us a lot of useful information [about customers] and it’s very effective,” Marchione says.


With three locations in Texas, Gallery Furniture now receives an average of 2,123 new leads per month, compared to the 120 leads per month they were getting before changing their digital marketing strategy. In response to the lead increase, the company utilized the new consumer insights to personalize the way they follow up with shoppers to close more sales.


“The numbers are mind-boggling. Just the amount of leads that we’re getting now, and the ROI that we’re able to track. It’s just phenomenal,” says Marchione, who says they see a 12%+ lead- to-sale conversion. “We’ve started getting so many leads that we’ve actually had to staff up and add people who just chase those leads down. Just last week, one of those individuals converted $108,000 in sales. That’s out of a team of four, so that’s pretty good ROI in a week.”


Gallery Sales Team Uses Data for Personalized Lead Follow-Up


Before hiring more staff, Gallery Furniture managed the increase in leads by having sales associates follow up during their downtime. “Eventually, we built out staff members who only followed up on these leads,” says James Robert McIngvale, Digital Manager of Gallery Furniture.


Our sales team has the ammunition they need to follow up with new leads in a more powerful way than we ever had before.

Dan Marchione, Gallery Furniture Analytics Director

“If all the members on the digital leads team are busy and we have a stack of leads to follow up on, we still hand those out to other associates, especially on the weekdays. Too many leads is a good problem to have… and you should follow up with as many as you can.”


Gallery Furniture is now able to track the customer’s journey on their website, which has led to insights that helps their sales team turn online visitors to in-store sales. “Our sales team has the ammunition they need to follow up with new leads in a more powerful way than we ever had before,” Marchione says.


Sales staff take the leads and send personalized emails to those consumers with more information directly related to what they searched for on the website. The map of the customer’s online journey “tells you exactly what they were looking at before they did the engagement experience and after,” he says. “Then [the salespeople] send personalized, follow-up emails and make phone calls. It’s just remarkable how effective that is.”


Gallery Follows Up with Leads in a Timely Manner


Almost 72% of the Gallery leads say they are in the beginning or middle of their research when they’re looking for home furnishings, so effectively communicating and adding a personal touch to the way their sales team is following up helps to drive more people to one of their stores.


The sales staff reaches customers at the right time — when they are actually shopping for a mattress or sofa set. “It seems like the quicker we’re able to reply, the more we get,” Marchione says, adding that the “What’s My Design Style?” interactive experience has proved to be popular with customers.


Watch: James & Dan talk about the increase in leads and sales from partnering with PERQ.




The company has averaged 470 monthly registrations by helping customers define their design style. If the lead chooses to sign up for a design consultation after taking the quiz, Gallery Furniture sends a decorator to their home for the consultation. “It’s generated some phenomenal sales,” Marchione says. “Just in the last 30 days, one customer made two purchases over $33,000 each, and several others ranged from $10,000 to $30,000.”


Digital Marketing Allows Gallery Furniture to Compete with Online Giants


When Gallery Furniture started experiencing declining sales due to online companies like Amazon and Wayfair, the company realized it needed to change its business model and ramp up its digital marketing efforts. Implementing PERQ web conversion software has definitely changed the way Gallery Furniture conducts business today. “Old-school marketing is not nearly as effective as digital marketing,” Marchione says of the biggest lesson learned.


“Brick and mortar retail is in a fight for its life right now,” Marchione says. “Here in Houston, Amazon just opened a distribution center designed to deliver packages weighing up to 300 pounds. If we can’t be as competent as the big online retailers, then our days are numbered.”


Before making changes to their digital marketing strategy, Marchione says they couldn’t track anonymous visitors on their website to those shoppers coming to the store and making a purchase. Being able to do that now, engaging with consumers online better and increasing time on site by 6X, along with a more personalized lead follow up plan, has resulted in the in-store foot traffic that Gallery was looking to achieve.



“We can’t track the ROI of the newspaper ads or the TV commercials, but you sure can when you get the actual PERQ lead form, and that turns into personal, identifiable information,” Marchione says. “Tons of those leads are converting. I wish we would have found this software 12 months earlier.”