Easily prioritize and follow up with website leads by centralizing all data in a CRM and furniture sales up system.

Centralize all furniture lead data

  • Store all lead data with detailed consumer history
  • Access your furniture leads from any device
  • Assign leads to your team so no sales opportunity gets missed.
crm laptop 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant
Asset | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Prioritize the right home furnishing leads

  • Filter leads based on intent to purchase or product of interest in the furniture sales software
  • Identify leads easily, based on color coding, to determine who to follow up with first
  • See which leads are requesting information and are waiting for a response

Build relationships before in-store visits

  • Communicate with home furnishing customers how they prefer to be contacted with text and email capabilities
  • Increase engagement by personalizing communication with each lead using custom email templates
  • Log all communications with customers, helping your furniture sales team with future outreach.
crm graph | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Track and measure sales team activity

  • View reporting in the furniture CRM to drive the right sales behavior with your team
  • Create custom reports that support your home furnishings sales process
  • Understand what opportunities are available over specific time frames with pipeline reports

Utilize the furniture sales up system to easily manage your team

  • Leverage customizable workflows in the retail sales Up List, making it easy for your team to handle ups, be-backs, phone pops, stacking and more
  • Track employees through the furniture retail software Down List. Timestamps give you visibility of who’s on break, out on delivery, in the warehouse, etc.
  • Manage shifts better through Next Shift. Scheduling the starting position of salespeople is easy and allows them to move onto the up-list in the order your team arrived
  • Give your sales team the ability to see Unattended Customers in your home furnishings store. Salespeople can spot and help customers who aren’t being assisted
crm phone | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant