Sharing is Caring: Make your Event Sales More Successful with Social Amplification

3 min read

social media for event salesEvent sales at automotive dealerships have been going on in one form or another for as long as I can remember. Tactics vary from giant letters spelling out messages like “SALE” or “0%” and ballooning up to fully realized campaigns run by a professional ad agency or event team focused on moving units.

Regardless of the type of sale you are holding, there is one key to making it successful. The more people you can get the message to, the more successful the event will be. Obviously, you have to be able to convert those customers once they hit your lot, but the more that come, the more opportunities you have.

Now, the age old question of how best to drive customers in to the store arises. Should you invest in print advertising and put ads in the newspaper? Do you rent or buy giant inflatable animals and strap them to the roof to capture drive by traffic? Do you go with a blanket direct mail piece? Or, do you focus all of your efforts on digital for the short term savings over traditional media? Here is the answer.

There isn’t one perfect answer.

When thinking about the event sale and what the problem is, we have to try to come up with a solution that initiates the best result. No single channel of marketing results in hitting all potential customers. Not everyone has cable. Not everyone is on Facebook. Not everyone listens to the radio or reads the paper. The better answer that both keeps top of mind presence with your customers and reaches them regardless of what media they have access to is: multi-channel marketing.

Most dealerships are already familiar with and using traditional marketing. Television, radio, direct mail are all in their wheelhouse. The new kid on the block is Social Media. There are a variety of reasons why this medium is a great one to jump on board with, rather than simply dumping more budget into traditional media. Again, rather than stopping traditional media, use Social Media to amplify the effectiveness of all marketing efforts.

A customer that receives a mailer is somewhat likely to engage with it, but the majority of them go into the trash. If you add a strong call to action, such as some sort of reward or game to the mailer that increases your chances. Maybe the customer throws it on the counter and says they’ll try to get by the dealership this weekend. Then they hear a radio commercial or see something on TV reminding them again that they have that mailer and could win. Add on the final layer of Social Media advertising to further legitimize and keep your brand top of mind and you’ve got a winning event sale lead funnel.

If you are working with a great event sale vendor, they can use their technology to track all of these customers throughout the sales funnel and obtain a great deal of customer information. This allows you to not only have a successful short term sales event, but to create a list of future leads that are highly qualified and engaged with your dealership.

By putting the right multi-channel marketing plan in place, you can take an average event sale and ramp up the ROI and lead generation significantly. For more explanation of what this process looks like, click here to get your free copy of our E-Guide “How to Run an Event Sale Like the Pros.”