Hitting a Direct Mail High Score: Targeting the Right Audience


Direct Mail PieceThis is the second part of a three-part series on how to achieve a direct mail high score. If you missed the first part, be sure to find it here.

Targeting the right audience is an extremely important aspect of devising any direct mail campaign. How are you going to reach your audience? To increase your response rate and return on investment (ROI), you need to be deliberate about how you approach the campaign. Here are three more ways you can make your next direct mail campaign a successful one that builds company awareness, boosts your sales, and inevitably increases your revenue.

It’s All in the Lists

Regardless of how eye-catching your direct mail piece is, it could be rendered useless if not sent to the right people. Creating targeted lists allows you to zero in on your prospective customers and tailor your direct mail campaign around them. How do you get these lists? Well, you can either build them yourself, or you can buy them. There is a place for a good mix of both in your strategy, depending on the results you crave. I’ve found the greatest ROI to come from your past customer database, but, you can only go to that well so many times a year. Keeping a good mix of ‘conquest’ and home-grown data in the mix will keep your pipeline full of new leads, along with getting your past fans back in the door.

Make It Personal

You want your recipients to read your mail? Make it personal. A study by the Direct Marketing Association claims personalized mail has a 33% higher than average response rate. Personalizing your mail means addressing the person or company personally, intentionally customizing the look and feel of your piece to better match that of your individual lists, and utilizing QR codes and personalized URLs (PURLs).  Examples can be as simple as addressing the recipient by name in the mailer, tailoring the offer to a product you know the consumer purchases, or using an image of the specific vehicle you know they have in their garage.

Stand Out

You’re not going to get your recipients to read your mail if it looks and acts like everyone else’s. Piles of direct mail hit the mailboxes of thousands of people a day, and it may be second nature to immediately add every piece to the trash pile. If you have many competitors using direct mail, then there’s a high chance that they’re sending to a lot of the same people. Study what they’re doing. Make note of both the good and bad things. And then, make yours different. Credit card companies send out an enormous amount of direct mail, but they all seem to say the same thing. In order to catch the attention of consumers, your message needs to be creative and unique. Standing out is what will separate you from the rest.

The goal of any marketing campaign is ultimately to increase revenue. So, gear up for part three of my series and the next level of tips on how to achieve a direct mail campaign high score.