Conroy gets Kittens to come play at PERQ

By: Brooke Kovanda

On Thursday, October 29th, ride-share service Uber caused quite a furry flurry when they brought three kittens to PERQ! Each fall, Uber partners with local humane societies and animal shelters to bring awareness about adoption by bringing kittens to various locations via there app. (In the springtime, they bring puppies!) People pay a “snuggle fee” to spend time with the animals and the money goes directly to the shelters.


Matt Conroy, the perpetrator of the kitten madness


PERQ Quality Coordinator Matt Conroy was the mastermind behind getting the kittens to come visit. Conroy, a frequent user of Uber services, had received an email the previous day about the fundraiser, and made it his mission to get the furry friends to come to PERQ.
“Getting the kittens to PERQ had absolutely no effect on my productivity that day,” said Conroy. “OK no, that’s not true at all. But, Thursday was actually a pretty quiet day for the Operations team, so I was able to check the Uber app while on hold with the Post Office or FedEx and then basically the whole time I was on lunch. I had to try a bunch of times before Uber accepted my request. I got pretty giddy when the app said the kittens would be arriving in seventeen minutes.”

 “…I got pretty giddy when the app said the kittens would be arriving in seventeen minutes.”

“Not only that, but we were very lucky- the Uber driver said we were the second to last stop for this promotion!”



Even allergy victims like myself can love kittens like Cat Benatar.

One of the things we here at PERQ like to pride ourselves on is our employees’ “grit” and determination. In the case of Conroy and these kittens, clearly these qualities were on full display.


The office went into a frenzy once the news of the kittens’ impending arrival was emailed to the masses, and the proper preparations were made. I myself yelled “Oh my God, KITTENS! I’m so excited, I have to pop a Benadryl!” Other allergy-prone employees with lesser degrees of love for cats quickly retreated from public areas. Still other members of the PERQ team dropped what they were doing and all work was temporarily suspended. Said resident cat-lover and Digital Media Marketing Associate Felicia Savage, “Those kittens better not come while I’m in the middle of shooting video footage. If I don’t get to pet them, I’m going to die.”


PERQ housed the kittens in its Blueprint Room. The three snuggly kittens were allowed to play on a special mat and then were held and cuddled by multiple employees. Catsy Cline, Brad Kitt, and Cat Benatar caused quite a stir with their playful natures! Brad Kitt especially loved to play with the feathery toy that the Human Society provided, whereas Catsy Cline snuggled up into people’s scarves.
Alas, all good things must come to an end, and after fifteen minutes or so, Uber had to take the kittens to their final location for the day. All in all, it was a blissful stress reliever for many at PERQ, and everyone will certainly be looking forward to the next time the kittens come to visit. Having fun times like these are certainly a strong part of PERQ’s company culture!


When asked how the kittens made him feel, Conroy had no qualms in responding: “The kittens made me feel amazing. They were so small, fluffy, and cute. I probably would have stayed in the Blueprint Room all day and played with them. Maybe the kittens and I would have napped together too.”