Impressing Car Buyers Who Already Made Up Their Minds

By: Russ Chandler

While just about every business faces them, car dealerships probably have more than their share of those difficult consumers – the ones who already seem to have their minds made up.

It could be that they’re familiar with one brand of vehicle or one type of vehicle, and they’re just resistant to change. Or it’s quite possible that they don’t trust you. Don’t take it personally. Unfortunately, the car dealership industry has yet to shake its reputation for being untrustworthy, according to a Gallup poll.

No matter the reason you may be facing challenging customers, there are ways to break through those walls and impress them – even if they already believe they have their minds made up.


Provide a warm welcome.


“Keep it simple. Say Hello!”

Keep it simple. Say ‘hello!’ and offer your assistance whether you’re approaching a visitor approaching a visitor in your dealership or on your website. Don’t immediately bombard them with tons of information and offers


Be different.


Try to find ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors by developing interactive experiences on your website that help break down some of the barriers your consumers may have. Use automotive website visitor software, a platform specifically designed for the industry, to deliver quizzes designed to break the ice.

“Try to find ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors by developing interactive experiences on your website.”

This could be the best and most non-threatening way to introduce other possibilities into the consumers’ mind. Develop a quiz that helps them determine their ideal car by asking specific questions about their lifestyle. It could be that a SUV is a better fit for them than a sedan.



Anticipate their needs.


Car buyers are searching for answers online before making a purchase. According to an Accenture poll, 62 percent of car buyers in eight major countries are initiating their purchase online. Be the dealership that provides plenty of answers to their questions. It’s a way to build trust and engagement.


Provide an incentive.


If a car buyer is set on a specific car model, there’s like a reason behind it. Budget? Safety? With your automotive website visitor software working for you, allowing you to capture data that gives you insights about the consumers’ concerns, you can automatically provide information tailored to the online visitors’ concerns and interests.

Provide alternatives within the same area and you could win over a customer that may have previously thought they had their mind made up.