Using Contests and Games in Your Marketing

By: Felicia Savage

Marketing your products in today’s world is tough. With so many competing messages on every media channel, simply putting an ad out just isn’t enough anymore. As a marketer, you’re constantly looking for new ways to get your customers interested and invested in your products, but that’s easier said than done.



You are probably using many forms of marketing that do a great job at increasing your brand recognition, but what if they’re not driving as much online or in-store traffic as you would like? At PERQ, we’ve found that nothing boosts consumer engagement quite like including contests and games in your marketing strategy. These types of promotions allow you to:


Drive Traffic

Whether you’re looking to increase online or in-store traffic, a well-run contest has proven to be an extremely reliable solution. In fact, according to Forrester Research, over 50% of retailers run prized promotions. Successful promotions can drive traffic to your store, website, and social accounts separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Build Loyalty

Generosity can go a long way. By giving your customers something of value, you can separate yourself from your competition and ensure that they think of you the next time they’re looking to buy. For a little extra loyalty, try giving away discounts on your products or services!blog separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Gather Useful Information

While businesses often use giveaways to drive traffic or build loyalty, one area where many lag behind is using this opportunity to learn more about their customers. If a customer responds to your ad and visits your store to redeem an offer, they would probably be happy to answer a few questions in the process. By asking polling questions and recording the responses in your CRM, you will never have to guess what your customers are thinking again.

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