Trade Appraisal Plus | Customer Interview – Honda of Clear Lake

By: Russ Chandler

Earlier this year, Webster, TX based dealership, Honda of Clear Lake, integrated FATWIN Web Engagement’s automotive solution (Trade Appraisal Plus) with the hope of collecting useful data on in-market consumers in order to improve their marketing strategy. Last week, we spoke with Internet Sales Manager, Steve Bramlet, to ask about their recent successes with Trade Appraisal Plus in their first 90 days. Here’s what Steve had to say:

PERQ: How many vehicles did you sell within first 90 days of using TAP?

Steve: From the beginning of June until the end of August, we officially sold a total of 38 cars.


PERQ: In those first 90 days, how many leads did you end up generating? How did it compare to results from Black Book? 

Steve: We ended up generating 222 qualified leads and converted at 18% for 38 sales. 182 of those leads were buyers looking for a new vehicle; and 40 of them were looking to buy used. During the same period last year (June 2014 – August 2014), we generated around roughly the same number of leads, but our conversion from lead to sale was 6% higher with TAP than on Black Book. It’s also worth mentioning that we underwent a transition to a new website in early August that could have restricted lead volume for TAP.


Click here to read a full case study on Steve’s results


PERQ: What does TAP offer that Black Book does not?

Steve: TAP allows dealers to change the questions in the online experience so that they align with our marketing strategies. That said, we’re able to collect customer information that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain with Black Book. In addition to customizing the questions, PERQ helped us out with some custom programming that we requested. The banners that they placed on our website were far easier for the customer to see and access than before.


PERQ: Did your sales team find TAP to be useful? What feedback did they provide?

Steve: My sales team has more customer information via TAP/PERQ. Knowing the additional customer comments makes our interactions more productive.


PERQ: What is your favorite part about Trade Appraisal Plus?

Steve: My favorite part of the Trade Appraisal Plus tool is probably the responses we’ve received from the questionnaires.


PERQ: How has the reporting been useful for you? Can you give me an example of how you’ve used the data?

Steve: The information we were able to obtain actually helped us increase Parts and Service leads. Once generated, we provide the reporting data to our service department so that they can send discounts & coupons to customers that don’t currently use our services. The hope is that the discounts and coupons would incentivize them to use our dealership for their service needs. I plan to eventually update the questions so we can get some parts data as well. I believe we can pick up some additional parts business for customers that decide to keep their trade.

The information we were able to obtain actually helped us increase Parts and Service leads.


PERQ: Did you have to change your sales process at all when implementing TAP?

Steve: We didn’t have to change anything about our sales process when we implemented Trade Appraisal Plus. It did, however, change what we do with the additional data we get from customers!


PERQ: If you were speaking to a dealership about Trade Appraisal Plus, what would you tell them?

Steve: I would tell any dealership considering TAP that the additional data provided is very valuable. The cost is pretty much the same – so, why not use a service that is flexible, more customer-friendly and gives the dealership additional ways to attract customers?