How to Sell PERQ’s Trade Appraisal Tools to Your Team

By: Russ Chandler

Here at PERQ, we can go on and on about how valuable an interactive Trade Appraisal tool is until we’re blue in the face. And honestly, we don’t really have any doubt that you’ll feel the same way WE do about it once you hear about what it can do for your dealership.


You might personally struggle to convince the rest of your team that a trade appraisal tool is remarkably useful and beneficial. While PERQ’s trade-in tool possesses qualities that would benefit the dealership as a whole, there are many qualities that impact each, individual department in one way or another. After all, you want everyone to be aligned, right? Here are some great tips for selling a trade appraisal tool to each department.


Sales Department

The PERQ Trade Appraisal software has already proven to be extremely valuable to many sales teams over the past year. Within the first 30 days of implementation, many of our clients have experienced as much as a 280% increase in captured leads; which is largely due in part to limited-time special offers that consumers qualify for when appraising their vehicle. And because the offer limited time, the customer feels a sense of urgency and fills out their information immediately.


Of course, that’s not even the biggest selling point. When leads are captured via the PERQ trade software, buyer profiles are created to help sales identify specific consumers and classify them based on the type of vehicle they’re looking for and how far in the purchasing funnel they are. What’s especially awesome about these buyer profiles is the fact that they require both an email address and phone number to submit a request; thus making the data highly accurate. Once classified, the sales team then has the ability to prioritize those leads based on purchasing timeframe or other qualifying attributes.


Marketing Department

In regards to overall strategy, your dealership’s marketing team can also benefit greatly from PERQ’s trade appraisal tool. For starters, they’ll have the ability to provide consumers with fully branded (and therefore highly memorable) experience. Unlike other trade appraisal tools on the market, we’re not interested in promoting our brand. We want you to promote your brand, so we’ve provided ways to fully customize your tool and make it entirely your own. But what’s especially cool is that the software can be regularly updated to help marketers refresh their strategy.

We’re not interested in promoting our brand. We want you to promote your brand.


Another excellent quality about the trade value tool is that it can collect a diverse assortment of data. Instead of leveraging several different tools to obtain different types of information from your consumers (an appraisal tool, a tool for analyzing traffic, etc.), the marketing department could use the PERQ trade software to do all of that.

Speaking of data, your marketing department would have full access to the trade value analytics dashboard. Not only would the analytics dashboard give your team insight into what their main demographics are, but it would help your marketing team to hone their branding strategies going forward.


Upper Management

When it comes to the upper management at your dealership, it’s safe to assume that the bottom line is their main priority. It’s only natural to want to get more “bang for your buck,” after all. Luckily for you, selling the tool to the head honchos at your dealership shouldn’t be too difficult – especially given its value. Through the Trade Appraisal tool, one of our clients sold 16 vehicles and collected 91 quality leads all within the first 45 days!


Along with being a highly valuable, effective tool, the interactive trade tool is also very affordable. In fact, it would likely be on the lower end of your marketing costs. Additionally, if you’re an auto group with several websites, we don’t charge per website; nor do we charge for changes that need to be made to the tool. But the last, and arguably, most persuasive reason for using PERQ’s trade software solution is the fact that there’s absolutely no 3rd party dependency. When we create a tool (or even make changes to a tool), it belongs to you (the dealership). No one else has access to your specific layout or templates; so you can rest assured that your dealership’s tool is uniquely yours.

There’s absolutely no 3rd party dependency.


The conclusion? PERQ is a technology company specializing in conversion and branded engagement, while the other guys are data companies who specialize in auction date. Our tool is optimized for conversion and quality customer experience. Your current tool is most likely optimized for appraising a vehicle as if your customer was at the auction — and that’s it.


Want learn more reasons to sell PERQ’s automotive solution to the rest of your dealership? Schedule a demo now!