How Trade Appraisal Plus Can Help Your Dealership

By: Russ Chandler

By now, you’re probably aware that the predominant goal of leveraging any of our product or service offerings is to generate more traffic and sales. The goal seems simple enough, but in order to even get to that point, your dealership needs to evolve its sales and marketing strategies. Trade Appraisal Plus can help out with both!


Despite what many want to believe, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into selling even one vehicle. Your sales and marketing team’s strategies need to align so that they’re essentially supporting one another. As you know, this can be extremely challenging, as each department has their own set of specific goals. With Trade Appraisal Plus, each department has their own features and benefits that provide the most value to their initiatives.

Here are some of the specific ways that Trade Appraisal Plus can help different departments in your dealership:



The department that will likely be the first to benefit from Trade Appraisal Plus will be your dealership’s sales department. If your dealership is anything like the majority of our other TAP clients, your sales department will quickly see a significant increase in generated leads from the tool. In just 30 days, one of our clients saw a 280% increase in captured leads; literally going from an average of 17 leads per month to 47.


The leads generated from TAP are immediately converted into buyer profiles that showcase data that’s crucial to the overall customer experience. For example: One buyer profile might showcase a consumer with great credit. This generally indicates that a buyer has already made their purchasing decision because they don’t need further financial assistance. The next buyer profile, however, might indicate that they need special financing options and that they might need assistance choosing the right car for them. That said, when a salesman finally gets on the phone with them, they could then personalize their follow-up so that they’re able to meticulously cater to their needs.


Furthermore, your guys can also prioritize leads based in purchasing timeframe. And if there’s a lead that doesn’t require immediate follow-up (meaning they plan on purchasing in 6-12 months), that lead doesn’t need to go to waste. Having the ability to add flags and notes allows your guys to focus on them at a later, more appropriate time.



While there are number of ways the marketing department can benefit from Trade Appraisal Plus, there are very specific reasons that should be highlighted. One such benefit of Trade Appraisal Plus is the ability to provide a completely unique customer experience. There are number of different vehicle appraisal tools out there; many of which are owned (and branded) by 3rd party vendors. Additionally, these 3rd party tools don’t ask all the important questions needed to generate a helpful buyer profile. Most of the tools simply ask for an e-mail address along with the vehicle being appraised.


With Trade Appraisal Plus, your dealership can capture information like: whether or not they’re interested in purchasing in the next 3 months; or, if they need someone to contact them about financing options. This kind of information helps sales to better assist consumers with their specific needs. The fact that these tools can also be customized with your dealership’s logos and campaign collateral is also a huge win for brand recognition.


Lastly, there’s the use of buyer profiles in your dealership’s marketing strategy. The TAP analytics report possesses tons of collected information on your dealership’s consumers: names, phone numbers, locations, buyer timelines, buyer preferences, webpage/medium sources, etc. Not only can your dealership’s marketing department leverage these buyer profiles to gain a thorough understanding of what their average consumer looks like; but they can map out a strategy that caters to these specific people.


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