How Auto Dealership Partnerships Benefit the Industry

By: Kristy Esch

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As an owner or manager of an auto dealership, you know your company’s strengths and weaknesses. You likely outsource your website to a developer or web platform that specializes in the auto industry. You may work with a digital marketing agency to get noticed online.


While both services offer value to your dealership by attracting consumers, consider also forming auto dealership partnerships with third-party widget and tool providers to take your business and website to the next level.


Gain An Advantage With Auto Dealership Partnerships

Auto dealership partnerships with the right vendors allow you to focus on what you do best — sell vehicles and serve customers — while third-party companies deliver unique services that add value to your customers and give your dealership a competitive advantage.

Auto Partnerships Help Dealers 300x300 1 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant“Invest in what separates you from the competition and gives you a leadership position in your individual market,” says PERQ Co-Founder Scott Hill. “Be ahead of what’s trending.”


PERQ works with other vendors/data providers to provide online guided shopping tools that benefit the industry, such as a trade-in tool that uses a Kelley Blue Book widget to evaluate a consumer’s current car, an enhanced payment calculator integrated with Cox Automotive Rebates and Incentives to help customers figure out their true payment, and a credit application powered by eLend Solutions to save consumers time at the dealership.


PERQ’s interactive features overlay on a dealership’s existing site — without changing the overall website and requiring minimal effort from the dealer’s staff. You don’t have to be a website or analytics expert if you partner with third-party tools.

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Auto Dealership Partnerships Offer Consumers Value

For consumers, the internet offers a plethora of vehicle information. Our research shows car buyers spend hours surfing on various websites before ever visiting a dealership, and researching on manufacturers’ websites and various consumer education sites, such as Kelley Blue Book and NADA.


Make it easier for potential customers by providing that research on your own website and guiding them along the sales journey. With the PERQ software, dealerships can see what each online visitor is interested in and customize the shopping experience based on their behavior — adding value by saving customers time and helping them research. It also increases your dealership’s lead generation by capturing quality information on each person and keeping them on your site instead of bouncing around the separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Keys To Successful Auto Dealership Partnerships

As a technology marketing company, we know the value of good relationships and partnerships with leaders in the automotive industry. In addition to our client partners, we work with many digital marketing agencies, data providers like Kelley Blue Book, website providers, and other innovative industry leaders so we can provide the best possible products and service to our customers.


“Dealerships today typically work with many different vendors to support the need of their business. There is no one-size-fits-all vendor that can help a dealer optimize its operations and deliver a great customer experience,” says David Wrobel, Director of Marketing at CDK Global, which offers dealerships integrated IT and digital marketing solutions through its Partner Program, which PERQ recently joined.


“When innovations deliver either efficiencies in the dealership or a higher level of service that today’s consumers are demanding, then these solutions can become a competitive advantage for dealerships,” Wrobel says. “As the world becomes increasingly digital and mobile, customers expect the same experience, no matter the industry.”


How you approach your auto dealership partnerships ultimately determines the success of the deal. In our experience, dealerships tend to approach vendors as a customer-provider relationship – rather than a true partnership. They hesitate to sign up with any vendor long term and then want that provider to step out of the way once the new service is implemented.

Auto Partnerships for Dealerships 300x300 1 1 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant“I think that really prevents the auto industry from progressing like other industries,” says Russ Chandler, PERQ Product Marketing Manager. “A lot of it has to do with the relationship being much more of an opposition rather than a partnership between provider and dealer. They want to get as much ROI out of it as they can, but that’s the exact reason they’re not getting the ROI.” Our most successful clients invest in our people, not just our products, to help the dealership provide a better service.

“The PERQ technology is great, but the only way this works is because of the partnership with multiple people at PERQ,” says Chris Thomas, Internet Sales Manager at Krieger Ford. “The company as a whole has done a great job of staffing individuals who really care and take the time to learn my business. They are always listening to my suggestions; they’re engaging and supportive. I view PERQ as an extension of my business.”


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