Four Seasons Ford & PERQ Web Engagement

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Results at a Glance

  • 83 LEADS IN 60 DAYS

Dealership Profile/The Situation


Four Seasons Ford (FSF) dealership is located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, but also serves the Asheville, North Carolina, and Greenville, South Carolina areas. The dealership keeps about 150 vehicles on their lot, and has a commitment to helping their customers find the best financing options possible and making the car buying process quick and hassle-free.


Because of their commitment to service, they wanted to generate more qualified leads through their website traffic and utilize in-depth consumer profiles to help understand their customer’s needs.


They began using the PERQ Web Engagement in August of 2015, but that wasn’t enough; FSF was so pleased with their lead results from the trade experience that they decided to upgrade to the Advanced Package in January 2016. FSF knew that by upgrading, they could get the same benefits, but with more comprehensive consumer profiles across different lead types.


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The Solution: PERQ Web Engagement – Advanced


Four Seasons Ford liked their original solution package because it captured a higher conversion of their trade-in traffic. They were able to understand what type of vehicle their leads were interested in, the trade purchase time-frame, and utilize a consumer profile.


However, they felt like they could raise the bar on the lead volume and apply the interactive lead capture strategy to more than just trade-in leads. That’s when the PERQ team called FSF and suggested they try out the latest offering – a solution that uses trade and price experiences with website personalization to deliver high volumes of extended and detailed consumer profiles.


With the upgrade, Four Seasons Ford applied the same strategy they were using with PERQ Web Engagement for trade-in leads to their price and special offer leads. The dealership even hired a new BDC agent to better manage the extra leads through a new follow-up process personalized to each lead’s shopping preference, which was learned through the extended consumer profiles.

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The Results


In the 60 days prior to upgrading to Advanced, Four Seasons Ford captured 32 trade-in leads, averaging 19 a month. After upgrading to the Advanced package and using multiple experiences, the dealership received 83 leads in 60 days, averaging 41 a month.


Not only did the volume of leads increase, but FSF was able to see exactly where their leads came from, with 25 leads coming from the E-Price experience, 13 from the special offer experience, and 45 from their trade experience.


Four Seasons Ford gathered additional pieces of useful data from the advanced reporting capabilities. They learned that 35% of special offer leads wanted help with financing and that 42% of e-price leads were ready to make a purchase. They also learned which webpages consumers visited before converting to a lead. These detailed consumer profiles helped the dealership better accomplish their mission of understanding their consumers’ needs and tailoring their sales approach.


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The ability to see the consumer profile allows us to personalize everything we use to get the customer in the dealership; the phone call, voicemail and email can all be conducted according to their consumer profile. The more leads we can get with this extra information on customers, the better.” Krista Gregg, Communications Manager