Hugs & Confetti: PERQ Awards $25K to FATWIN Winner

By: Felicia Savage

On a foggy morning earlier this month, PERQ visited the home of Round Lake, IL resident and FATWIN winner, Stephen Nosek, to award him with a GIANT check for $25,000. Filled with excitement, Stephen immediately yelled “That’s Awesome! Can I hug somebody?” and of course, got a BIG hug from our own Stephanie Thompson – who was equally excited about him winning the grand prize.



Now, you might be curious to know how PERQ facilitated such a giveaway – or why, for that matter! Prior to this $25K giveaway, PERQ had their “FATWIN Progressive Jackpot,” in which 3 grand lucky prize winners won $6,079.00, $5,810.00 and $6,159.00. The sweepstakes Stephen won is unique in that, unlike many competitors, PERQ now guarantees a $25,000 quarterly winner. This guarantee drive ups excitement amongst registrants and is automatically included in any promotion done through FATWIN regardless of the size or budget of the businesses partnering with PERQ. This was the very first quarterly $25,000 giveaway that PERQ had awarded.


Kunes Country Ford of Antioch partnered with PERQ to create and deploy a direct mail campaign driving consumers to their dealership and offering them the chance to win a prize. Many luck visitors won some really cool prizes, but only one would win the $25,000 grand prize. After taking a test drive at the dealership, Stephen Nosek was told he won a $2 Amazon Gift Card. A few days later, Stephen received a call from Stephanie, our Director of Sales, telling him that he won the national cash prize. Of course, he didn’t yet know how much that cash prize would be until she was standing on his doorstep.


Once Stephen had learned that he won $25,000, his eyes light up and his jaw dropped as he stared at the giant check in sheer awe. When asked about what he would be doing with the money, he said that he would be going back to the dealership to purchase a new vehicle (and replace his old one with 200,000 miles on it) as well as pay off some student loans. The FATWIN promotion that Kunes Country Ford ran, quite literally, changed the outlook of a bright-eyed 24-year old from Round Lake, IL. Not only did the promotion allow Stephen Nosek the opportunity to replace his old vehicle, but it also created a new and hopefully loyal customer for the dealership. Kunes Country Ford’s FATWIN promotion created a unique customer experience that piqued consumer interest and developed trust – something a lot of brands struggle with.


To learn more about how FATWIN promotions can help increase consumer trust and engagement, call an account rep at 800.873.3117.