The Key to Better Performance: What KPI’s to Track in Your Email Marketing

By: Russ Chandler

When working with email marketing, the only way you can measure success is if your program met the KPI goals that you set out to accomplish. Tracking your KPI can be difficult since you may not be sure what to track or why. Here are some things you should track.


How Many Visitors Your Site Gets


One of the most important things to track is how many people are going to the site or post that you want them to go to. By knowing the number of people that are looking at the content that you want them to look at you will be able to see not only how many people you’re reaching, but also how many people are actually responding. For a little information about who generally responds to email marketing, read Kevin Gao’s article.


How Visitors Arrive at Your Site or Where They Come From


Just because you get a lot of visitors on your site doesn’t mean that your email marketing programs are working. To know if your email marketing programs are really doing what you want them to, you need to know how visitors got to your site or where they came from. This information is extremely important because it will tell you what marketing tools are working for you. For a more in-depth look about why this is important, read Marni Weinberg’s article.


Qualified Traffic


This is the term used when talking about whether or not the people who are coming to your site are valuable to you. This is determined by things like: how much time they spend on your site, how many pages they view, and what specifically they look at. For a more in-depth look at qualified traffic, read Rich Reese’s article.

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