Duplicate Auto Leads? CRM Lead Management Can Help

By: Russ Chandler

Auto dealers want to engage visitors online. After all, the more time a visitor interacts with your site, the more likely they are to buy a vehicle. The end result means more automotive leads, a larger number of duplicate leads and a hands-on approach to CRM Lead Management to initially detect duplicates.

Yes, duplicate leads. … I can almost hear your sigh.


We’ve been trained to believe that lead duplication is bad because it’s more work, but duplicate leads convert at an almost 170% higher than average rate.


As you incorporate dealer software solutions — such as PERQ Web Engagement — on your site, you’re personalizing the experience for potential car buyers. With the software, visitors begin sharing their information with you as they get lost in the experience answering questions.


The more a visitor clicks on your website, the more likely they are to become a buyer. Compare it to your showroom, where the more time consumers spend interacting with your auto sales team, the more likely they are to purchase a vehicle from your dealership instead of the competition.


However,  that higher level of consumer engagement on your site, means that visitor is more likely to become a duplicate lead if your dealership’s CRM isn’t set up properly for tracking leads. That’s where CRM Lead Management enters.



Multistage CRM Lead Triggering


CRM lead management and duplicate detection can help you take the pain out of duplicates by working on the front end to merge lead information for visitors with the same name, email or phone number, for example.


Throughout the consumer experience on your website, PERQ helps you define when to trigger a lead to your CRM. For example, if visitors click on a “vehicle of interest” call to action button, they’re taken to an interactive experience that personalizes the experience to them.


Visitors can select what they want to do next, such as check special offers and fill out their contact information. When they select the next button, PERQ software then triggers the new lead information, sending it to the auto dealer CRM.


Before giving the visitor the special offer, PERQ personalizes the shopper’s experience through a series of interactive questions, such as how they prefer to be contacted, where they’re at in the buying process and the next best step, such as scheduling a test drive.


On the last question, PERQ software triggers a lead update to the dealership CRM, importing all of the new data captured.


Multistage lead triggering is important, because you’re not only capturing that initial contact information, but also creating consumer profiles for leads based on valuable data captured in your CRM that helps dealers sell more vehicles.


More than 90% of the time, if a visitor begins interacting with a PERQ interactive experience, they will answer all of the questions. However, a dealership also doesn’t want to lose that initial lead information for those visitors who might drop off, and one of the reasons PERQ captures lead information in multiple areas.


Using CRM Lead Management to Prevent Duplication


On the back end, PERQ configures how we send dealerships leads in the platform.


The “New Lead” information was the first set of data collected and sent to your CRM.


We also captured the “Lead Update” information that is formatted differently in the XML and tells your CRM there is an update to an existing lead record.


At times, we’ll need to configure the XML formatting differently depending on the auto dealer’s CRM and how they merge lead information. Duplicate leads, or multistage lead triggering, can be configured for whatever CRM a dealership uses. We can help you to avoid any pain with a higher volume of leads or lead updates.


If a dealership sees a large volume of duplicate leads, you can take steps to manage your CRM functions and features by changing or updating XML formatting to merge lead duplicates. This may mean talking to your customer service representative at PERQ to help you better manage your leads and contacting your CRM provider to help you merge duplicates through XML formatting on the front end as they’re delivered.


Also consider configuring your CRM to create a separate lead source for duplicates, which will allow you to report on duplicate leads and not impact the lead-to-sale percentage. Our goal is to help you capture the information about a lead that is going to benefit you and your team.


As a dealership that’s only ever used static lead forms, this influx of leads and updated leads can be overwhelming to manage at first, but you’ll see higher numbers in lead to sale. It’s important to talk to your dealership team to let them know duplicate leads means a visitor is engaging more and has a higher likelihood of becoming a customer. Yes, it’s actually good!


If you haven’t already, watch our video to learn how to manage multistage lead triggering with your PERQ software and how to configure your CRM to handle duplicate leads.