Dealership Website Software: 5 Effective Ways To Create Call-To-Action Buttons

By: Felicia Savage

The goal for every dealership’s website is to get more clicks and conversions from their visitors. This is a tall task for anyone – no matter what the industry is. Luckily for dealers like yourself, you can leverage the power of the call-to-action buttons typically found on most dealership websites.


Effective CTAs can help generate more leads and more sales from your website. In order to do this, your CTAs need to be as engaging as humanly possible. And once your CTAs have been created, the next step would be to regularly test them against each other to see which ones perform better.


Actually creating your website’s CTA buttons can be challenging; especially for folks who have never experimented with them before. However, with a little know-how, and the right dealership website software, you can create CTAs that convert. Here are 5 great tips to help get the creative juices flowing:


  1. Write More Encouraging Copy.


Take a look around at other car dealer websites. As you explore other sites, you’ll likely come across plenty of CTAs buttons with boring copy like “Enter today!,” “Learn more,” or “Click here for more info.” While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the copy in these, the point of most CTAs is to grab consumer attention. Because the goal is ultimately to stand out (and be more appealing than your competition), your best bet is to experiment. It’s more than okay to try out more conversational CTAs.

“It’s more than okay to try out more conversational CTAs.”

Here’s a great example of this… Let’s say a consumer browses your site looking for your dealership’s policies on trade-ins. As the consumer continues their research, your site can display a CTA that says “Sound good? Learn your trade-in value now!” Coming up with creative copy isn’t the easiest thing to do; but if you brainstorm with your team, there’s no doubt that you’ll come up with more engaging, clever CTAs.


  1. Go Interactive.


For a touch that’s both creative and human, use your dealership website software to create CTAs that give the user an interactive experience. For example, you can greet your first-time visitors with an interactive quiz. Instead of bombarding them with CTAs requesting their contact info, present them with a fun questionnaire to help them figure out their ideal car style — or the qualities of a vehicle that are most important to them. Think of it as an icebreaker that makes the visit to your site more engaging.


  1. Give Something Away.


Everyone loves a deal. And better yet, everyone love free stuff. After a visitor engages with you through one CTA, prepare to offer them a discount or a freebie for sticking around. It could be a discount on a used car, free oil changes with the purchase or lease of a new car, or an extended warranty. Just make sure it’s something of great value to the customer. Few people will jump at the chance to receive a free beer koozie; however, many consumers will jump at the chance to save a few hundred (or even a few thousand) dollars on services that are generally are quite pricey.


  1. Tailor your CTAs.


The placement of the CTAs on your website should never be random. Your visitors should always feel that the CTAs are relevant to their interests and where they are in the buyer’s journey. A CTA for a person who is browsing your inventory should be entirely different from those reviewing your financing pages.

“A CTA for a person who is browsing your inventory should be entirely different from those reviewing your financing pages.”

There are a 2 different ways to go about this. The first option would be to simply place relevant CTAs on different pages of your dealership’s website. If you have a consumer that’s currently browsing inventory, then the CTA on that page could be one that pushes them further down the purchasing funnel. An example of an idea CTA could be something along the lines of “Schedule a Test Drive.” If, however, you have a consumer that’s exploring financing options, an ideal CTA would be “Apply for a Loan” or even “Appraise Your Trade-In.” In a nutshell, relevance is important.


Of course, if you want to go the extra mile (and your dealership website software is capable), you can integrate behavioral CTAs onto your website. What this would essentially mean is that the CTA (or banner ad) would change based on a consumer’s previous behavior. For example: Let’s say a consumer decides to search for used cars on your website. A relevant CTA that could pop up would be “Get your Trade-In Value” or “Lock in this price.”


  1. Provide a calculator.


With high-ticket items like vehicles, most consumers will have some sort of budgetary concern. That being said, a CTA for an online calculator would be a perfect resource for just about anyone who visits your website. By integrating a calculator onto your website with dealership website software, you can make it easy for consumers to determine estimated monthly payments that factor in the length of a lease, financing, as well as interest rates.


Creating engaging CTAs for your dealership’s website might prove challenging at first; but it’ll al be worth it when you see how effective they can really be.


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