How the PERQ CRM Software Helps Improve Communication with Furniture Shoppers

By: Kristy Esch

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Tracking every home furnishing customer’s journey, from website to inside the store, isn’t easy. Yet, CRM Software exists to help you and shoppers on your website stay on the same page. Easily follow up with online leads by centralizing data in a single platform that prioritizes follow up on website leads, tracks your team’s activity and increases sales. 


How different would a customer’s journey be if it was customized to that specific shopper’s needs? How successful could your team be with centralized customer data, prioritized leads based on when they say they’ll be ready to make a purchase, and the ability to see unattended customers?


“It is an absolute game-changer for us, because we can see exactly where that customer has been online, what experiences they have engaged with and what they have viewed,” says Bryan Scott, President at Big Sandy Home Furnishings Superstore, of PERQ CRM software. “It helps us build that relationship and trust with the consumer before they come through the door.”


Home Furnishings CRM Software Gives One Place to View Customer Journeys


With a cloud-based CRM system, you can store all your customers’ lead data with detailed histories in one place accessible on any device. Enable your salespeople to form stronger connections, deeper knowledge of the shoppers visiting your website and build personalized experiences before in-store visits. 


“We’re able to go into that customer profile and really dig into what they were looking at on our website,” says Julia Critelli, General Manager of Critelli’s Furniture


Gaining visibility into each customer’s preferred form of communication and shopping preferences, home furnishings salespeople can facilitate personalized interactions with customers. PERQ CRM includes automated text and email capabilities, along with customizable templates. The software logs all outreach communication with customers to provide a history of interactions. Additionally, view unattended customers within the CRM and assign leads to your team in the Retail Up System to avoid missing sales opportunities.


“It’s much easier to keep track of leads and whether or not they’ve been addressed. Before [PERQ CRM], that was not possible for management to see,” says Justin Bowen, Web Content Manager at The Great American Home Store


According to Bowen, lead-to-sale performance has nearly doubled since using the CRM in conjunction with automated PERQ marketing emails and appointing a dedicated person to manage online leads. That dedication also improved sales results, Bowen says, boosting the average sale by about 20%

Engage Customers with Improved Efficiency 


Tracking each customer’s online activity on the store website and all prior communication allows a sales team to increase efficiency and provide better customer experiences. By utilizing your website to facilitate customer engagement and information gathering, PERQ CRM software frees up your staff to assist in-store customers.


Salespeople achieve more success with better customer information. “The power behind being able to look at the CRM and actually understand that customer — seeing the products they’ve shopped online for — gives the sales professional an incredible opportunity,” Scott says. “With this information and engagement, we are actively closing deals and guiding the customer through the buying process.”


Greater customer satisfaction as a result of personalized experiences should lead to less attrition. Without a CRM, over 70% of online leads fail to convert


Improve Furniture Sales Collaboration and Satisfaction with a Furniture CRM


Providing your staff with better, real-time customer data empowers them to deliver exceptional customer outreach and boosts productivity, especially when store traffic inevitably slows down. An accurate and up-to-date CRM, available to everyone on any device, allows store employees to easily identify and proactively resolve customer challenges before they move on to a competitor. 


Happier, more empowered employees make for happier, more engaged customers. No matter where they are on their buying journey. 


“The best CRM systems create wins all around for customers, [sales] agents and management,” Bowen says. “Ask yourself if everyone is winning with the system you’re using now. Focus on setting your systems and teams up in a way that you can respond as fast as possible with the best, most knowledgeable response, and solve the customer’s problem.”


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