Car Sales Tips and Tricks: 10 Micro-Moments Businesses Can’t Ignore

By: Brooke Kovanda

Lately, we’ve been talking about micro-moments and what they mean for digital marketing. To get you up to speed, micro-moments are deemed by Think with Google as “when people reflexively turn to a device- increasingly a smartphone- to act on a need to learn something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences are shaped.”


Micro-moments require that consumers find information quickly and accurately, they are actionable, necessitate that businesses need to be present for consumers in ways that are easy to use, and provide the opportunity for businesses to tell their brand’s story.



So, you understand what micro-moments are, and what they mean for your business. But when do micro-moments happen?! And what do they mean for consumers?! One of the easiest ways to know when micro-moments happen is to see them in action and see how they play out in real-life situations. They happen so quickly that it’s easy for them to go unacknowledged in our daily lives. By using the following scenarios as car sales tips and tricks, and by understanding that they present a major opportunity for consumers, and thus a major opportunity for you.


We’ve made micro-moments simple. Here is a list of 10 micro-moments businesses just can’t ignore:


1. Stephanie’s kids have all left for college. She wants to know how much she’ll get if she trades in her old soccer-mom minivan. She hops online at the breakfast table to her local Hyundai dealership’s site and quickly finds a “Value Your Trade” tool link.


2. Felicia is thinking about buying versus leasing a new Ford while on the bus to work one day. She quickly googles her local Ford dealership’s site, and finds a payment calculator.


3. Skip is overwhelmed by all the choices of mattresses he saw at the store the other day. He looks at his phone on his lunch break to try and find more information, and find an assessment on his local furniture store site about “What Mattress is Right for You?”


4. Kyle got a flat tire on his way to his parent’s for Thanksgiving. He pulls out his phone to watch a video on how to change a tire made by his local Volkswagen dealership’s Service and Parts department specifically for the model of his car.


5. Waiting in the checkout line, Jenny realizes she forgot to cut out the “50% Off Lighting Fixtures” coupon from the newspaper that morning. She pulls out her phone and finds it on the store’s website- just in the nick-of-time.


6. Rich’s kids are arguing in the backseat over whether or not Superman would drive an Audi. It’s driving him and his wife crazy, so she pulls out her phone and googles “what type of car would each superhero drive” to settle the argument once and for all.


7. Neil is at his parent’s house for the holidays and really needs an oil change. He searches for “Toyota dealership closest to me” and finds one three miles away that offers a coupon for a free oil change after signing up for email alerts.


8. Paul and Christine are expecting triplets. They’re wondering if the new Hyundai Tucson has bucket seats for a third row option. They watch a product demo online before they go into the store to see for themselves.


9. Martin can’t decide if his new couch will look better in the entertainment den or in the living room. Instead of moving the heavy couch to both places, he uploads pictures of the rooms to the website where he bought the couch and places the couch virtually in both rooms. (It looks better in the living room!)


10. Ashley is fed up with her toddler spilling snacks all over the car. As she drops her daughter off at daycare, she goes online and buys some new floor mats.


See how quickly micro-moments happen? See how much they have begun to permeate and integrate into consumer’s everyday lives?


Every micro-moment is a business opportunity waiting to happen. Moments like Stephanie’s and Felicia’s point out the opportunity for a consumer to engage with brands on a deeper level. Moments like Kyle’s, or Paul and Christine’s, provide the opportunity for the business to showcase their brand and tell its story through good customer service and helpful information. And moments like those of Neil or Ashley are immediately actionable. Consider these scenarios for how consumers are interacting with your brand, and use them as turn-key templates to unlocking car sales tips and tricks that will assist consumer behavior.


These scenarios happen because of a wide range of circumstances. What is your business doing to capitalize on micro-moments like these?