Car Sales Advertising Ideas for 2018: A Digital Forecast

By: Felicia Savage

The demand for car sales advertising ideas is increasing as the competition gets more and more intense. Advertisements for cars use to be limited to print. Moreover, an artist would work tirelessly to come up with the perfect depiction.


“Before whiz-bang commercials, slapdash social media posts, and ridiculous concept cars, artists spent weeks — months, even — crafting gorgeous illustrations to depict the latest vehicles,” said Aarian Marshall, staff writer at Wired. However, that isn’t the case today.


Nowadays, marketers are turning to digital strategies that incorporate video, social media, and mobile to help sell cars.


In 2016, Sydney Ember, media reporter with The New York Times, reported that “Digital ad spending will grow 17.2 percent this year, to nearly $160 billion, and 13.5 percent in 2016, and is expected to overtake TV as the biggest advertising category by the end of 2017.”


And guess what? They were absolutely right! You are seeing advertisements now every time you log into your Facebook account or scroll through your Instagram feed. Per Ember, “In particular, ad dollars are now flowing faster into online video, social media, and mobile.”


Here are some initiatives that are getting more attention.


Videos Are Ideal For Eliciting Emotion

]It’s a rule of thumb that if you want to maximize the appeal of something, use video because it will surely resonate with the viewer. Anymore a majority of car ads on television tell some sort of story through video.


For example, last year when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was set to be released, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles came up with a series of Star Wars-themed ads. There was already a lot of emotion built up surrounding the release of this movie in the beloved series, thus, Fiat Chrysler was able to capitalize on these emotions and make it a win for them.


Ever-Evolving Social Media Platforms

This past June, Buffer released findings from analyzing over 16 million social media posts, which covered 100,00 brands. According to the study, “After looking at over 16 million updates over 12 months, covering Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and Twitter, we found that brands posted primarily to Facebook and Twitter.”


You can now shoot video in real time on Facebook, which is something marketers and or managers in the auto industry, might want to add to their digital marketing strategy.


Building Interactive Experiences

It’s not enough just to have a static website when prospects visit your site. You must engage them — whether they’re simply browsing around (at the top of the buyers’ funnel) or looking for more specifics, like used car inventory and financing qualifications.


Look for opportunities to go beyond the simple form that includes only name and email address. Go for interactive experiences that allow you to deliver a more customized experience.


Mobile Is The New Mantra


Mobile is clearly a sound investment when choosing a digital strategy to market cars. Younger generations are attached to their phones, thus, it’s important to factor this in when attempting to resonate with first-time drivers.


As you can see, it’s essential to integrate video, social media, and mobile into your 2018 digital strategy especially if you are trying to advertise your car brand.


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