Car Leads for Salesmen: Finding Quality Consumers at Your Dealership

By: Russ Chandler

Not all car leads for salesmen are alike. As you know, they your sales reps can spend hours, over a period of weeks, chasing a lead only to find out that the prospect has no interest in purchasing a vehicle — at least not anytime soon or from you. On the other hand, there are those few that seem to convert seamlessly.


That’s why it’s important to develop a strategy for gaining more quality auto leads. By equipping your sales team with contacts who are in the market to purchase “now” or within the next 30 to 90 days, you can get more sales with less effort in less time.


So, what’s the magic formula?


Well, it’s not necessarily magic, but the right auto dealer web software can provide consumer data and insights that allow you to create follow-up communications that help you better identify how to connect with prospects with the right message at the right time.


Take a look at how PERQ’s online guiding shopping solution worked for one of our clients in producing customer insights that help them convert leads more quickly into sales.


The Search for Higher Quality Car Leads

Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota, which serves markets in Kentucky and Ohio, had been testing different tools to increase its inbound leads for both new and used cars for some years.


Two of those tools included Black Book and AutoTrader, which produced mixed results. For example, during July 2015, the Black Book solution produced 21 leads and five appointments, of which only two showed up. The final result? One car sold.


Marshall decided to try our PERQ Web Engagement solution in search of a larger volume of higher-quality car leads for salesmen at their dealership. The package included trade in appraisals, promotional experiences, interactive engagement, e-Price and special offers.


“If it wasn’t for PERQ Web Engagement, those leads would have been lost without them giving us their contact information.”

— Kevin Ireland


That comprehensive approach not only led to better engagement, it allowed the Marshall team to gain insights into the types of leads they were receiving from the website. It also set them up for more personalized communication through the contact information the tools generated.


“If it wasn’t for PERQ Web Engagement, those leads would have been lost without them giving us their contact information,” said Kevin Ireland, Marshall’s IT/Marketing manager.


The Results

With the detailed consumer data gathered from PERQ, Marshall learned that 73 percent of the new leads had never purchased from the dealership; 80 percent wanted to trade their vehicle “now”; and 37 percent of the e-Price leads were “ready to buy now.”


Furthermore, a whopping 67 percent of the trade leads said they would prefer to be contacted by email. That type of information allows Marshall’s sales reps to be more strategic in how they follow up with leads.


Within a 2.5-month period, the PERQ engagement led to Marshall gaining a total of 272 leads — including 91 from e-Price, 104 Trade Appraisal Plus, and 77 special offers.


For a deeper look at how a switch in software can produce results, look at our case study on Marshall’s use of PERQ here.

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