Car Dealership Marketing Events: The Party You Never Knew You Needed

By: Brooke Kovanda

In a recent blog post, we talked about the power of our automotive mailers and how they helped increase engagement. But what happens after you get your consumer’s attention?


One mark of a successful mail campaign is how much in-store traffic mailers drive to your showroom – so, why not hold their interest with car dealership marketing events? Better yet, why not make that event feel like a super fun party?


Here are some quick tips for making your “party” (or your event) a smashing success.


Mailers As Invitations

When you receive an invitation to a party, it often has a theme, right? In addition to the theme, it explains why you’re celebrating! When it comes to your automotive mailers, you can use them as “invitations” that gives people a reason to come into your store. The reason can be for a new product, a discount on services, or a big clearance sale.


To get folks actually excited for the event, you could do something fun, like host a “Trunk or Treat” event before Halloween, or a “Sizzle & Savings” event with a barbecue at your dealership in the summer — whatever you want!


To strengthen your brand and make your customers loyal to you, the best types of events are ones that get people to engage and interact with your brand. Not all of your leads will convert into a sale, but one positive outcome for many folks who run these mailers is that they get lots of in-store traffic – and that typically creates a sense of urgency and excitement.


Keep The Party Going

So you’ve got your consumer into your dealership… now what? When you finally have consumers in your store, your best bet is to keep them heavily engaged!


A great way to do this is to provide interactive content experiences while the customer is in the store. Not only can you find out more about them, but you can also keep them entertained. Games that require additional information from the consumer in order to play are a great example of this.


Your next best step for engaging with consumers is to make your in-store marketing as cohesive to your direct mailers as possible. Use in-store banners that match the visual themes of the mailers you sent out, so that consumers immediately know “where the party is.”


If you want to really boost in-store engagement, these banners can feature a text-to-enter promotion that encourages consumers to text a specific number in order to enter a contest. Since most consumers have a smartphone on them, it’s an easy way for them to interact with your brand and achieve instant gratification. The key to having a good in-store “party” is to make sure consumers know what to do when they arrive and stay entertained.


Be An Attentive Host

Your dealership marketing event is crucial for helping you convert leads to sales. That’s why once the customers are in your dealership, you need to give them a great experience through stellar customer service.


In order to provide a great experience, your salespeople need to know a little something about their consumers before or upon entering the store. Luckily, the lead information that gets collected by PERQ can be pushed into their CRM for review.


A great host or hostess knows the needs of their party-goers.


Additionally, Personalized URLs (PURLs) are placed on mail pieces so that individual consumers can be identified and so their individual contact information and preferences can be pulled up quickly. This saves both you and your customer time since utilizing customer profiles helps better solve a customer’s need quickly and efficiently.


Since you’ll be taking care of consumer needs faster, it also helps you to provide service to as many people as possible at the event.


A great host or hostess knows the needs of their party-goers. Now that you’re familiar with dealership event best practices, you’ll be able to a superb host at your dealership’s next event.