A Much Needed Surprise: PERQ Awards Another $25K FATWIN Sweepstakes Winner

By: Felicia Savage

On the evening of August 13th, a few members of the PERQ family eagerly made their way to Grand Rapids, MI to prep for the big FATWIN $25,000 giveaway the very next morning. When tomorrow came, the mics had been checked, the cameras were on stand-by, everyone had their fill of caffeine (naturally!) and everyone was all smiles and ready to give Becky Kelso the best day ever!


This is the 2nd $25,000 FATWIN facilitated this year. Last quarter, a lucky Round Lake, IL resident by the name of Stephen Nosek won $25,000 from Kunes Country Ford of Antioch. The name randomly drawn this time around was that of Becky Kelso, a young Grand Rapids resident who had recently paid a visit to Express Lane Used Cars to enter for a chance to win an awesome prize using FATWIN’s kiosk experience! Express Lane partnered with PERQ to deploy a direct mail campaign that would improve consumer engagement and drive more Ups into their store.


Every quarter, a name from one of FATWIN’s participating dealerships is randomly drawn as the grand prize winner. Once drawn, a FATWIN representative calls the lucky winner to tell them that they’ve won the cash grand prize. The only stipulation is that they won’t know how much they’ve won until the big reveal at their home. When FATWIN called Becky to tell her that she was a lucky winner, it was clear that she was very skeptical; asking if there was “a catch” (and of course there wasn’t). But it was when we told her we were sending out a camera crew later that week that her skepticism began to fade and her excitement grew.


When we showed up to her house the next day, Becky covered her mouth in shock as the confetti cannons blasted colorful streamers and the giant check revealed that she had won a whopping $25,000! When asked what she would be doing with the money, Becky excitedly mentioned that her and her husband were about to close on their first home and that they planned on using the money for a number of different household expenses — along with a few other necessary expenditures: “There’s a lot of stuff we can do with that money — for starters, my hair, ‘cause I had to get a house, so I haven’t had my hair done in really long time, so we’ll start with that!” Becky laughed.

On September 19th, Becky Kelso was presented with the official check for $25,000 at an event hosted at Express Lane Used Cars. Present with Becky was her husband, close family members as well as Express Lane Finance Manager, Alice Pigors, PERQ Account Manager, Claire Strope, and Express Lane owner, Boyd Earls.