3 Awesome Examples of Multi-Channel Promotions

By: Felicia Savage

If you’ve kept up with the PERQ blog over the past few months, you’ve learned a lot about multi-channel promotions and how beneficial they can be for your brand. Now, we’ve discussed how helpful multi-channel promotions are to many of our own automotive clients.


But perhaps you’d like to see how effective multi-channel promotions are for other brands. Or perhaps you want to see if you’ve been the recipient of such cohesive, top-of-mind marketing. Well, chances are pretty good that you have!


There are tons of huge brands out there that are successful in part because of their multi-channel efforts. Here are 3 brands that have run effective multi-channel promotions:


Burger King – #ChickenFriesAreBack

Hey! Did you know that chicken fries are back at Burger King? Of course you did! Burger King has been practically shouting it from the rooftops – on Twitter, Facebook, in Coupon Mailers, and of course, on television.


In the past month, each of these channels has showcased the same exact slogans, hashtags (#ChickenFriesAreBack), color schemes and cute little character designs to essentially BRAND the actual product.


Pair this promotion up with the fact that the chicken fries are here for a limited time and you’ve got multi-channel gold.


Taco Bell Breakfast Defectors

A few months ago, our very own Kristen Hay wrote an excellent article showcasing the effectiveness of Taco Bell’s cohesive marketing campaigns. Well, it turns out they rather like multi-channel promotions because they’re back.


This time, however, it’s to advertise their recently updated breakfast menu. With Taco Bell’s “Breakfast Defectors” campaign, LA & NY based advertising agency, Deutsch, produced pseudo-Cold War themed ads that poked fun at McDonald’s stagnant, unchanging breakfast menu.


The ads encouraged consumers to be “rebels” and choose something entirely different – which would naturally be Taco Bell’s updated breakfast items.


These spooky, wartime like propaganda designs of crowds holding onto McDonald’s sandwiches; and the nightmarish Ronald McDonald-looking clown were published across multiple marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, television and print.


A bit of a dirty tactic (if I do say so myself), but wildly creative and effective. More importantly, the campaign was a prime example of a 100% cohesive campaign.


H&R Block – “Get Your Billions Back, America!”

Tax season has come to an end, but surely we can appreciate H&R Block’s multi-channel promotions, yes? H&R Block’s “Get your Billions Back, America” campaign spanned across multiple channels and the message was basically the same: It’s your money (refund). Come get it!


Each sponsored social post, e-mail, piece of direct mail and television commercial used the same black, white and lime green color scheme, the same slogan, and of course, the same spokesperson in his characteristic green bowtie, Richard Gartland (who’s actually a REAL tax preparer. Who knew?).


Did I mention they used the same song too? But more importantly, each channel emphasized that folks all across the country should be “getting their billions back;” which even outside of multi-channel, is a great way to entice consumers into getting something of theirs back. The powerful message resonates all around and all the other cohesive elements act as a strong catalyst for consumers to utilize their services because it’s a brand they can ultimately recognize and trust.