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4 Ways to Increase Furniture Sales from your Website Traffic

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It goes without saying that consumers today research products online, especially big purchases. With smartphones, it’s easier than ever today to shop anywhere, anytime. If something captures your interest, the next step includes investigating further — comparing similar products, pricing and reviews. These so-called micro-moments have defined (and continue to define) the way consumers shop.


If you want to increase furniture sales in your store, look no further than your website. One primary way to increase those sales is by increasing traffic online.


While it’s no small endeavor, the work you put into boosting that traffic will be worth it in the long-run as you begin to see more foot traffic and sales. The question is, how do you increase web traffic?


For starters, if you’ve already integrated PERQ engagement technology onto your website or another type of interactive software, you’re already ahead of the game.


There are still a number of retailers (in the industry and out) who have yet to create or include fully interactive experiences online that engage consumers. Most retailer websites have inventory listings and maybe an area to apply for financing.


So what are some ways to improve website traffic so you can increase furniture sales? Read on:

1. Test and Improve Traffic Sources

After you’ve applied all the steps necessary to integrate PERQ onto your website, your next best step is to add tracking capabilities so that you’re able to understand where your sales are coming from.


By integrating Google Analytics into your interactive experiences, you can measure where the highest converting traffic is coming from.


Additionally, you’ll have a better understanding of the sources driving high-quality traffic to your website (generating inquiries, sales, etc.) and which traffic sources aren’t generating quality traffic.


By having an understanding of the information received, you can do some A/B testing, analyze the results and determine where to spend your advertising dollars.

Quick question: Would you say that those direct mail promotions are giving your store great results? If you’re sending mail to folks in your current customer database, and you’re continuing to pump dollars into it, the answers is probably a resounding “yes.”


Now, take a quick moment to think about the money that you’re spending on direct mail promotions. Even though you’re seeing decent returns, you’re probably spending a pretty penny on those promotions (say that 5x fast!).


If you leverage email promotions to nurture furniture customers as opposed to direct mail promotions (or at least split it up half and half), you can actually save money while getting even more promising results.


If the interactive experiences on your website are working how they should, you’ve probably seen an extensive improvement in your website’s customer database.


In fact, you probably have more customers in your website database than the one leveraged for direct mail. With its relatively low cost and the potential return, email promotions are a great option for those wanting to draw prospective and seasoned customers back to their website.

3. Leverage Your Database for Look-A-Like Marketing

When you finally have a database that’s worth writing home about — one with accurate names, emails and purchase preferences — you’re in a position to affordably target individual consumers using social media platforms like Facebook and ad retargeting.


a) Facebook – You can sell more furniture using Facebook. One cool thing about Facebook is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to take all the emails they have from their database, run them against their own user database and analyze all the commonalities between them.


Facebook then provides advertisers with a “look-a-like” advertising opportunity, where they can place Facebook ads in the feeds of people who are friends with your current customers, those who share similar interests (likes) and those who live within a certain mile-radius of your dealership. Not only is Facebook advertising relatively affordable compared to other types of advertising, but it allows your furniture stores to reach new consumers.



b) Second Party Data Retargeting – For those who are unfamiliar, Second Party Data is a recent development where companies have partnered with larger brands to have access to their web traffic cookies.


What this essentially means is that you have an opportunity to target consumers who are interested in specific brands, or those who have certain types of interests. Everything is hyper-targeted, so you’ll be reaching out to the types of consumers you genuinely want to buy your product.

4. Leverage CTAs and Interactive Experiences in Other Marketing

So now that you have a clear understanding of what CTAs work best, which offers work best and which experiences are your top performers, you can start including them in all your marketing: your direct mail, your television advertising, and so on.


For example: In a print material for a mattress or sofa, put in a URL with a CTA that says: “Quiz: See which Mattress/Sofa is right for you and also receive a special offer.”


Another example could be a television promotion that sends viewers to your website for a special Scratch and Save Event to reveal savings of anywhere from 5% to 50%.


You can use the TV commercial to demonstrate the fun interactive experience that’s posted for viewers to participate in and play to their curiosity.