4 Reasons Why Your Social Ads Should Be An Extension of Other Marketing Channels

By: Muhammad Yasin


Photo Credit: mashable.com

While the vast online and social world we live in can at times be overwhelming and intimidating, we can’t deny that it’s an important crux in today’s marketing strategies. Using social marketing tactics, like ads, alongside traditional channels, can help provide the right mix for cohesive campaign creation.

To help put things in perspective, here are a few reasons why you should make your social ads cohesive with the rest of your marketing:

Hit Consumers Multiple Times

If you use them right, your social ads won’t be the last—or the first—time that your consumers see a particular message. And by using cohesive design in conjunction with your cohesive marketing campaign, they’ll be more receptive to your message or offer if they’ve already been hit with it multiple times. Your social ads should be a reflection of all your marketing tactics for any given campaign, in both design and messaging.

Localize & Segment Your List

The same highly-targeted list you’re hitting with your social ads is the same list you can target with your direct mail piece and even with your email marketing efforts. After segmenting and targeting your list, you can then figure out which channels make sense to market to those individuals. Social advertising, especially in the form of Facebook ads, makes it easy to target these same people based on geographic location, interests, or even what they’re talking about online.

Strategize Timing

When it comes to how often your message is getting sent out to your target audience over a certain span of time (whether campaign or promotion related), you want to be aware of the frequency. Creating a cohesive campaign involves mapping out how many touch points and at what stage your consumers are going to be hit with a marketing message. Don’t let your social ads outlive their expected lifespan. Strategize your campaign plan and figure out your communication plan and touch point cadence.

Less is more: make your ad copy, while cohesive with your overall campaign messaging, simplistic and straightforward. Consumers shouldn’t have to guess what you want them to do.

Integrate ROI Tracking & Analytics

Tracking your success and campaign results are always a must. While some forms of marketing are easier to measure than others, social ads make it easy to track click-through-rates. Once you’ve collected your ad data, you can then compare your success by tracking how many consumers both clicked through an ad, opened an email, and/or received a direct mail piece in conjunction with the consumers that actually purchased. It’s important to know which consumers actually engaged with your marketing, and who you can remarket to in the future.

An important final caveat: there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy, even within channels. While it’s important to utilize various forms of marketing for your campaigns, you want to make sure the tactics you use are actually going to be received. Adding cohesion into your marketing mix—whatever it consists of—is the key to success.

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