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Your website is your largest showroom. Increase consumer engagement on your website with PERQ to drive more in-store sales.


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Why It Works


Create a unique online experience that stimulates a deeper connection for the consumer than other furniture websites.


Turn your website into an interactive two-way conversation, and interact with consumers on your website the same way you do in-store.


Get to know your online shoppers’ preferences and offer a personalized approach, making it more likely they will make the next steps towards purchase and come in-store.

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What We Do

Furniture retailers put so much effort into creating a personalized, interactive showroom experience for their consumers, but often fail to realize that their largest showroom is actually their website. PERQ helps retailers win the website experience the same way they try to win the showroom experience.

Interactive Experiences

Drive more sales from your web audience by allowing consumers to interact with your brand in meaningful, engaging ways. Offer personalized consumer journeys that deliver targeted offers that drive in-store behavior.


Understand exactly who visited your website and then purchased in-store and what revenue can be tied to your web audience. We’re all about tracking revenue from in-store sales to your web audience.

Website Personalization

Based on a visitor’s on-site behavior, show the right offer or experience to the right consumer at the right time using smart CTAs and custom pathing. A new visitor experience can be different than a returning.

Database Expansion

The larger the database, the more marketing potential you have. Learn exactly who is browsing on your website, their interests, buying timeframe and contact preference. Your database should be full of potential buyers, not just consumers that have already purchased from you.

Furniture brands use interactive experiences to generate excitement, create conversation, provide shopping assistance and educate furniture shoppers – all leading to higher conversion of website visitor to in-store sale.

Types of Interactive Experiences for Furniture Brands:


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Design Consultation

Instant Win

Scratch Off

Special Offers

No Website Overhaul

We know marketing and IT resources are precious, and time is scarce. Our technology overlays on your site, providing easy implementation and flexibility to change experiences without downtime.

  • No Website Overhaul
  • Easy and Fast Implementation
  • Easily Update Experiences

We Are Focused on Website Visitor to In-Store Sale

We take data and metrics very seriously. This means that we don’t succeed unless our clients reach the desired results of website conversion. Through a detailed roadmap that includes benchmarking and complete ROI reports, we show our clients exactly what revenue is generated from their web audiences. We’re all about driving more in-store sales so that our clients get the most from their largest showroom.

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