FATWIN Promotion with Fremont Motors is a Hit!

2 min read

man woman at kioskSince 1938, Fremont Motors has been committed to excellent customer service across all 13 locations in Wyoming and Nebraska. Despite their passion for preserving family traditions, their success over the last 75 years can be attributed to their willingness to experiment with new marketing tactics. One such tactic Fremont motors decided to try out a FATWIN Progressive Jackpot.

Wanting to keep up with the times, Fremont Motors opted for a FATWIN “TaxMatch Madness” promotion. Prizes consisted of $25 or $50 Amazon or iTunes gift cards, media players, vehicles or Progressive Jackpot winnings that ranged anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Prior to Fremont Motors, Don Johnson Auto Group initiated a very similar Progressive Jackpot campaign that ran very successfully!

The Fremont TaxMatch promotion was unique because it was geared towards people in the area who were in the market to purchase a vehicle. Banner ads were placed on the Fremont dealership landing pages (and Facebook pages); so anyone who visited the page with the intention of shopping would discover this fun contest. The contest was also advertised in local Fremont dealerships; so that encouraged patrons to come in and engage with staff.

The TaxMatch promotion is still going on, but it’s already proven to be quite successful. A lucky Riverton, WY couple visited Fremont’s Riverton dealership website hoping to schedule a visit and found out about the promotion through a banner ad on the landing page. The couple visited the dealership, went to a TaxMatch kiosk and ended up winning over $6,000. While the couple had already purchased a car, they continue to get their car serviced by Fremont Motors.

While patrons in the market to buy a vehicle often shop around, it’s important for yours to stand out. When you give something back to your community, they’re likely going to keep you in the back of their mind when they’re thinking of their next big expenditure.

Fremont Motors isn’t the only one to participate in a FATWIN promotion either! Last month Don Johnson Auto Group awarded one of their customers with a check for over $12,000; and gained a tremendous amount of publicity in the process.

To find out how Don Johnson Auto Group used FATWIN to garner leads, download our Progressive Jackpot case study here.