Why a Successful Promotion is Just the Beginning of Successful Promotions

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350x200_ipad_dashboardFor auto dealers, a successful promotion only begins at the event sale itself—it doesn’t end there. Not even close. The same could really be said for any business using an event sale to garner more leads, to boost marketing campaigns. The event sale is the opportunity to build your brand as much as to push your product. So as you roll out the banners, set up the kiosks, decorate your brick-and-mortar with all sorts of “Big Sale” stuff, remember what you’re really after: customer information.

The real work comes in the following months when you use the data you collected to build your database and further work the connection with those who showed up at the event but didn’t make a purchase. Sure, promotion events can be great for making a lot of sales in a short amount of time, but if you’re stopping there, you’re doing it wrong. You’re missing out on huge opportunities in the future. 

In fact, it’s the customer who doesn’t buy a car on the day of the event who you should care about most. This only buys you time to build a better connection with the customer in the coming weeks and months. So when they are ready to by a car, they’re only thinking of one dealership.


What Information Are You Collecting?

When your sales team is only concerned about pushing a potential sale at an event, you miss a critical opportunity to ask for specific information from your customers that will build your brand in the future. You might win the game, but you will lose the season.

Don’t lose the season.

Using promotions, your customer knows they have to give a little to get prizes. That “give” could be something as simple as taking a sports car out for a spin, or giving you their email or their phone number. That’s why it’s so important for you to devise a long-term strategy about the information you plan to collect and how you plan to use that information in the future.

How Are You Using That Information?

When you care more about building your brand than making direct, one-time sales, you increase the chances of a one-time customer becoming a long-term customer. That should always be your end game. If your business offers value-added services beyond the product—service in the auto industry, for example—building your brand betters the chances that your customers will continue to buy from you.
You wouldn’t draft a promising star quarterback for just a single season, would you? Why limit your interactions with customers to a single sale? You want your brand—or “team”—to be long-term.

So how do you build this brand with the information you collect? Email literature campaigns, social media, even phone calls connect with potential customers. What’s important is that you know what information you collect, how you’ll process that information, and what campaigns will use that information in the future. Give your salespeople the tools they need to get the job done.

How to Engage the Customer Who Won’t Buy on the Event Sale Day

For your sales team, working to build your brand rather than sell lots of inventory can be a definitive change in the ways they’ve always done their job. This is all new to them. Communicating with your sales representative that you want to collect information, not just sales, will help them know when to push on a sale and when to back off and ask customers for information instead. This is why you would want to consider working with an event marketer—why you would want to invest in training your staff for the event sales day.

It’s Not Over After the Event. It’s Just Begun

Knowing how to engage people who aren’t going to buy from you today but will buy from you in the future is critical for a successful promotion. Your team should know that you value information about potential buyers as much as you value a sale on the day of the event. Certain customers will be leery of promotions—because they might not be willing to buy at the day of the event—but they will be more willing to offer their information if you know how to talk to them. Get the conversations started; it’s just begun.

So how can your dealership run a promotion that successfully collects information that you can actually use? We put together the ultimate guide to running a successful event sale and are giving it away for free here! Get your copy now!