What Can Multi-Channel Promotions Teach You About Consumers?

By: Felicia Savage

section-image5Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for 1 month or 20 years, you can always learn new things about your consumers. After all, it’s not like you live with them; so how would you know everything about them? Luckily, there are ways you can learn more about your consumers through your marketing efforts.


By running a multi-channel promotion, you’re given the opportunity to cater messages to your target audience and make changes in real time based on how they react. That being said, you’re learning tons of new information about your consumer. Here are some types of information you might learn about your consumers if you run a multi-channel promotion with PERQ:

Learn From Consumers Responding to Your Offers

With multi-channel promotions, there’s normally an offer or some sort of incentive being provided for consumers to visit your store or showroom. When you’re first getting started, you might have a basic understanding of what your consumers are all about (you know they’re from your store’s zip code); but a basic or vague understanding isn’t the same as a concrete understanding (knowing your consumer’s income, credit history, age groups, etc.). A thorough understanding of your consumers is what makes multi-channel beautiful to begin with!


Because an offer is being presented over and over across different channels and the results are being tracked across multiple channels, you’ll gain an understanding of what your consumers have deemed valuable in terms of offers. Do they want to enter a contest to win $100K or do they want to get free food from a barbecue themed sales event if they take a test drive? What those consumers respond to gives you a better idea of their lifestyle and that will help you provide better offers in the future. The same can be said for the channels they respond to.

Consumer Demographics

While determining what offers and incentives are more successful helps brands to better understand a consumer’s lifestyle, it’s just as important to pull data from certain channels to determine what consumers are engaging with your advertisements. Multi-channel promotions give brands the golden opportunity to track the performance of almost any channel – Facebook, e-mails, banner ads and yes, even direct mail. By looking at who responds to offers; or more importantly, who visits your kiosk or microsite, you can give a better understanding of what the majority of consumers are like. With targeted display, you might pull a report that shows your primary consumers are between the ages of 35 and 45, with a household income of $65,000. Case in point, data is important.

Leverage Info For Future Use

As previously mentioned, multi-channel promotions are a beautiful thing. This is your chance to gain a full understanding of your consumer base just as the promotion is running. Because you’re collecting data and making keen observations, you can now use that information you have to create better multi-channel promotions in the future. You might find that you need to hone your messaging a bit in order to engage with more consumers. Perhaps you need to use different imagery or more diverse marketing channels. Whatever information you collect will determine what you need to do next time you run a promotion and this will make your multi-channel efforts all the more successful.


To learn more about how PERQ can help you learn more about your consumers, visit perq.com/multi-channel or give an account rep a call today at 800.873.3117.