This Week in Marketing Tech

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marketing tech mira awardEvery week, we bring you the latest in the marketing tech world. This week, the biggest story in our world has been PERQ winning the 2014 Mira Marketing Tech Award.

As for other stories in the world of Marketing Tech, did you know you can now shop on Amazon through Twitter? Did you think Windows 8.1 would actually be any better than Windows 8? Looking for the slimmest and lightest in smartphones? Our round-up gives you answers to these questions and more.


Stay up-to-date on everything happening online. Things change so quickly, it can be easy to miss something. This week, news from major players includes software updates, new apps, and big moves.

When Windows 8 debuted, there were a lot of complaints. However, the latest version offers many improvements, chief among them Windows Mail.

CEO Jeff Bezos launched AmazonSupply, Amazon’s wholesale and distribution arm, back in April 2012. Since then, it’s grown exponentially and is making smaller distributors sweat.

Google’s new app combines Drive, Docs, and Gmail to streamline teaching processes.


We’ve become dependent on our phones so quickly, from looking up restaurants nearby to navigating downtown. As a result, smartphones are constantly changing, always updating, offering newer and more advanced features. See what’s going on.

Phone manufacturer Huawei debuted its newest smartphone at an event in Paris. The slim device packs a punch with lots of processing power and additional features. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight.

Because so many people get into the World Cup—whether it’s planning to attend one of the matches or by hanging out with friends at home or in a bar to watch—marketers have plenty of opportunities to cater to their needs.

  • But How Do You Design a Mobile App?

Everyone wants in on the mobile app game, and no wonder: you can reach users in a customized, easy-to-use format while they’re on the go. But what should your app have?


There are more social media sites out there than you can shake a stick at. Though why you’d want to shake a stick at them is anybody’s guess. Regardless, we bring you the top stories from last week.

When the head of Google+ stepped down last week and when 1000 members of the Google+ team were redistributed, people were eager to know about the future of the service.

With a single tweet, you can now add items to your cart on Amazon. After that, just go to Amazon’s site to complete your purchase.

  • Instagram Tests Waters with Facebook Places

Some Instagram users were surprised to find their usual list of Foursquare Places replaced with Facebook Places, a move that offers more than its fair share of kinks.