This Week in Marketing Tech

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marketing techAnother week, another roundup. Lots of stuff happens every week in the marketing tech world. With all of the developments in many different areas, it can be hard to keep up! Luckily, we’ve compiled all of the most important stories so you don’t have to spend all that time searching and sifting:


New technology is always evolving and adapting. A big part of that is the web and how devices relate to it. Here’s what’s new and what you need to know:

The Google-owned smart thermostat, Nest, is now open to developers for creating apps. Independent programmers can now create new applications that will enhance and provide innovation to the device.

Mobile currencies are all the rage right now; and while most people have their eyes on Bitcoin, there’s a mobile currency called M-Pesa that could have some serious impact on many parts of the world.

Print media has been able to hang on longer in different places around the world. However, it’s losing ground in the UK. A new study revealed that, in the UK, digital news is now consumed as much as printed news.


Mobile computing  continues to grow as the weeks pass by. Here’s Everything you need to know this week:

Pinterest is full of personal information and personal preferences; but what if you want to see a company’s preferences? Somewhere.com is a site that allows you to “peek into the working lives of people and companies from around the world.” Somewhere has now launched an iPhone app, which will allow them to expand their influence.

In an attempt to continue spreading its Android operating system to any device, Google is focusing on Android Intents. Android Intents allows users to switch from app to app seamlessly. This will very likely change the way people use the web via apps.

Apps for the Pebble smartwatch and any other wearable tech can work with TapSense, a mobile ad agency, to bring mobile advertising to wearable tech.

And that’s this week’s marketing tech. Join us every week for the latest and greatest industry news!