Used Car Dealer Software: What Will Help Boost Sales?

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There’s a good chance you’re already sold on the benefits of automating your car dealer website. With the right used car dealer software, you’re setting yourself up to engage more users, increase conversions, manage inventory, and a host of other functions. Not only are you able to streamline your team’s operations, you’re able to go for the ultimate goal — boost your sales of used cars.


Some automotive dealerships are reporting gains in all those areas, including anywhere up to 250 percent in website conversion rates.


However, to really maximize your ability to increase used car sales — which hit a 15-year record high in 2015, it’s essential to select the right used car dealer software vendors that will help you gain an edge in a highly competitive marketplace.


The problem? Just like with the purchase of an automobile, you’ll need to navigate your way through hundreds of software options — some designed for the general industry and others specifically for the automotive industry.


When choosing used car dealer software vendors, it’s important to be thorough and thoughtful. Consider these five essential steps in selecting the ones that will help you achieve the best results:

Ask for Client Testimonials

Just about any company will be able to provide you with a couple of clients who give favorable reviews. However, a reputable provider that’s able to stand behind its software product should be able to provide statistics based on a larger pool of clients.


In addition, you should be able to examine the results of the product for numerous companies — from a variety of angles. Check to make sure their case studies are thorough, with an overview of the challenges the clients faced and how the software performed in delivering results.


Finally, use your judgment. Most of the time, we can tell if a review or testimonial is fake. Try to glean more information by visiting the customer’s website and seeing if they look legitimate as well. It will help validate and verify the claims that companies make about their products or services online.

Check the Numbers

One of the benefits of using software is the ability to measure results. A software vendor can boast about the results it gets with its clients. But ask for numbers. Look under the hood, so to speak.


With PERQ, for example, we’ve been able to show that our clients  saw an average lift of 50 percent to 200 percent after integrating the interactive software offered by PERQ. We’ve been able to show this for multiple customers, not just a few. It’s important that your vendor can provide you with many concrete examples of how they’ve been able to help their customers thrive.

Easy-to-Use Platform

A software platform can have plenty of features that you don’t actually need — or are so complex, your team will give up on trying. When shopping around for software vendors, make sure the provider takes you for a test run — basically demonstrating how the platform works.


If it’s not user-friendly, steer clear. It could be a wasted investment if you find it difficult to adopt into your day-to-day routine.

Experience in the Industry

The automotive industry has its unique challenges. It’s important to work with vendors that have enough experience in the automotive industry that it understand how it has evolved and the hurdles you’re likely to face in the future.


Not only should your vendor understand the unique challenges of the automotive industry, but they should understand measured marketing, the intricacies of intuitive software development and the importance of analytics. Their experience with being able to easily explain to you how something works in their platform, show you how it’s measured (if applicable) and be able to share success stories with other brands means something. It demonstrates their level of knowledge in the space and their adaptability that other vendors might not be able to provide.

Service that Works as a Partnership

Customer service should also be at the top of your list. It can make the experience of working with a vendor not so attractive if it’s not up to par. Casey Jenkins, who works at a Clarksville, Tennessee, dealership, said their previous experiences with vendors had been sort of mediocre before they partnered with PERQ.


“Obviously, you want to see a return on investment, but you also want it to be a stellar experience,” she said. “What I was most blown away by was how the customer service really stood apart from most of the vendor relationships that I have.”


Investing the time to research vendors providing specific options for used car dealer software can lead to your own success story. Your dealership really can see improvement by effectively selecting, implementing and using the right technology to grow your car sales.


Many dealers have discovered that static lead forms and calls-to-action aren’t working to meet their needs anymore. Our solution offers dealers a smarter approach to increase website conversion, collect actionable lead data and increase sales, while improving the overall consumer experience.


PERQ Web Engagement requires no website overhaul or heavy lifting on your end; it’s simple and easy to get up and going. We offer multiple features and tools that take care of all your needs – you won’t have to go anywhere else.


Let’s chat about how we’ve helped other car dealerships grow their businesses, our experience in the automotive industry and how we can help you. Schedule a demo of our car dealer software today.