This Week in Marketing Technology

By: Felicia Savage


In a world dominated by the web and mobile computing, things change fast. And you need to stay up to date. Here’s what you’ll need to know from this week. 

New in Web

Here is this week’s web tech news. Mt. Gox just keeps having a rough time with their Bitcoin crisis, and Yahoo has been shutting down new apps and services.

Hackers took control of CEO Mark Karpeles’ personal bog and Reddit account to post two letters, which said that Karpeles had stolen Bitcoins from the company for himself.

Since CEO Marissa Mayer has taken over Yahoo, the company has gone on a startup killing spree by buying the companies in order to put together a modern team.

New in Mobile

Samsung, Google, and Pebble are all in the news this week. Here’s why.

  • Music from Milk

Samsung’s new music internet music service is called Milk. Samsung is hoping Milk will be “the next big thing in music.”

  • Google’s Android Software Developer Kit for Wearables

Wearable tech is becoming big fast. Google announced that they are releasing a new software developer kit for wearable gadgets soon.

  • Pebble Allows Android

Although the Pebble smartwatch has been available to iPhone users for several weeks now, they have finally allowed Android users access.

New in Social

Social media continues to evolve. Here’s what you need to know from this week.

  • Government Asked Pinterest for Data

In their first ever transparency report, Pinterest said that they have been contacted by the US government to provide user information.

  • Get More Instagram Followers

Albert Costill gives detailed instructions on how to get more Instagram followers.

  • SXSW

Tons of great stuff has been happening at SXSW. Here are some of USA Today’s favorites. To join the SXSW conversation, check out their Twitter.