This Week in Marketing Tech

By: Felicia Savage

CaptureThere’s lots of great stuff in this week’s marketing tech round-up. If you missed it when it happened, you’ll find out about it here. Read on…


The web changes so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, every week we pull together the stories that you need to know.

eBay was hacked, so if you have an account with them, you should change your password as soon as possible. Hackers stole employee credentials that allowed them access to the system. The company says no payment information, including PayPal, was taken, but it’s still a good idea to update your password.

Google Play will accept PayPal as an option for payment in the future. This option will be available in 12 countries. If you use Google Wallet, you’ll now see the option for PayPal.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Nexflix said that they plan to expand to Europe. They’ll be launching in six new countries by the end of the year.

King of the Search hill, Google, has officially overtaken Apple as the world’s most powerful brand.


New hardware is being produced every day. Here’s what’s new, upcoming, and interesting.

The printer company Epson released glasses in 2012 that augmented the reality you see called, Moverio, but their new version of the former product is a major improvement. Epson recently released its BT-200 version of Moverio.

Nest is a slick and easy-to-use smart thermostat that can either work with your existing smart home system or work alone. The system has had some troubles, but now it seems to be functioning fine.

Due to customer recommendations and complaints, Microsoft has decided to sell just the Xbox One without Kinect, and also stop some of the restrictive policies it had on streaming entertainment apps.


Mobile tech keeps booming. Here’s what you need to know from this week.

Apple and Google have been in a tangle of lawsuits over smartphone technology. They have instead decided to “work together in some areas of patent reform,” although the steps to do so remain unknown.

OnePlus is a startup building smartphones. Their first phone is the Android-based OnePlus One. At $299, you get a smartphone that has much of the same, if not better, technology than other phones from much larger companies.

Silent Circle is trying to get funding for a privacy-focused smartphone. The phone will be called Blackphone.