This Week in Marketing Tech

By: Felicia Savage

marketing techA new week means a new roundup. Here are all of the important marketing tech advancements and marketing tech news.


Social media sites continue to progress and evolve. Pinterest, Facebook, and Foursquare are in the news this week.

In an effort to see how questions can be used as a way to advance conversations and user engagement on social networks, Pinterest is now testing a new Q&A feature called Questions.

On Apple’s iOS, Facebook is testing out a new feature that will suggest contextual content to keep you surfing after you share new content.

In an interview with ReadWrite, Dennis Crowley discusses apps and where they will be in the future.


The web is always changing, and this week’s developments aren’t very surprising, but you probably need to know about them.

In 2009, Xerox bought Affiliated Computer Services for $6.4 billion, which meant they acquired tech that manages the back-end of many transportation services around the globe. Xerox is working to help drivers find open spaces in congested cities.

In Europe, a court ruled that Google must delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” information from search results.

The Federal Communications Commission released a proposal that said the FCC would effectively undermine the idea that Internet providers shouldn’t filter, slow, or limit data traffic across their networks.


The mobile tech world continues to flourish. Here is everything you need to know from this week.

Mobile Editor, Dan Rowinsky, discusses mobile wallets and mobile payment technologies and why that part of the mobile industry is struggling.

When people switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, they often don’t receive text messages from Apple phone users, and Apple doesn’t know how to fix this problem at the moment.

The upcoming iPhone 6 may have a 1704×960 resolution display. Apple is currently testing screens at that resolution. As far as screen size, the exact number is not yet known.