The Web Audit: It Shouldn’t Be As Painful As Balancing Your Checkbook

By: Courtney Guggenberger

web auditRemember when you were younger and your parents took you to the bank to open your first account? I know I do. The banker took my picture for my debit card (a cool new security feature at the time) and then instructed me on the basics of balancing my account each month to make sure I knew what had come in and gone out. My parents then further expounded on that…repeatedly. They forced me to sit at the table each month with my stack of bills and pounded it into my head how important it was to take personal accountability for my own money.

However, if you’re like me, you probably don’t regularly balance your check book anymore, even though you know you should. However, now a days, we’re all busy with a million other things and we can just check it on the internet (which can totally be trusted right?).

Most people hear the words “Web Audit” and think “Ugh.” Just like we are too busy to balance our check books, we put off or discount the importance of frequently checking the effectiveness of our online presence. The good news is that there are ways to make a web audit painless and garner some insight into how your brand is doing online.

Here are some reasons that it’s worth taking time out to see where you stand.

Don’t Wait! Overdraft Fees Will Kill You!

You wouldn’t want to find out that your checking account was overdrawn long after it happened. You would get hit with a bunch of overdraft fees, you would have checks bouncing, it would be embarrassing, and most importantly, it would put you in a much worse situation than if you had just balanced it like you were supposed to.

Your social web properties work the same way. The longer you put off seeing where you stand, the worse things can get. Not only can you be hemorrhaging potential customers due to an inconsistent or under promoted message, but your competitors could be stealing customers right out from under your nose.

Once You Know What You Have, You Can “Spend” It More Efficiently

Just like you wouldn’t spend money you don’t have, you can’t make efficient use of your digital presence unless you know what you have and how effective each piece is. It is imperative that you know how your message is being received, who is receiving it, and what your competition is doing to try to take business away. Are your tweets being received, retweeted or favorited? Is your Facebook page receiving likes and what content are visitors engaging with? The same goes for a variety of other social media networks.

You can use this information not only for defensive tactics to protect your brand, but also for offensive decisions to increase your market share. Knowing the quantity, quality and content of your competitions’ social media posts can help you formulate a plan to start taking market share from them.

There is a lot of competition in all industries so each piece of information you can obtain will help you make a stronger plan to keep your business moving forward. Just like you would get all of your bills and paystubs together to figure out how your checking account looks, you also need to gather all of the information about your social presence and make sure that everything adds up.

Balance Your Checkbook Regularly

The interesting thing about testing your digital status is that there aren’t a lot of businesses doing it. Just like balancing your checkbook, it’s easier said than done. If you can be one of the disciplined few to keep up with where you stand, you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Doing this on a regular basis allows you to not only stay ahead, but possibly grab market share away from those who don’t balance their digital “checkbook.”

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