The Benefits of Making All of Your Media More Social with Cohesive Marketing

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socialMany consumers hear about dealerships through word of mouth, direct mail pieces and commercials. However, that only goes so far because the method is essentially “spray and pray.” Even if you’ve thoroughly profiled the area, you might not be interacting with consumers in the most personal that you can. Given how fast technology has progressed, there are things your dealership can do to make your current advertising strategy all the more effective. When it comes to raising awareness and standing out, data can and will be your true best friend. This is where a little something called “cohesive marketing” comes into play, which means consistent messaging through all marketing channels:

Raise Awareness

Let’s face facts: every dealership has some sort of competition. You and your competitors might be located in the same part of town, have similar deals and inventory. While the idea of a consumer waltzing into your dealership on a whim is quite lovely, most consumers in this day and age would like to go into a dealership with intent – and they need to be convinced. So, what do you do to stand out among the crowd? How do you pull folks into your dealership?

As you know, event sales are a great way to draw in new consumers; and like most event sales, they have a particular theme in mind. For example: a dealership might host a cookout for July 4th; or a dealership might want to host an awareness party for a certain charity. Whatever the event sale consists of, there’s one thing that your dealership absolutely, positively needs to remember when advertising said event: keep your message consistent!

If your dealership is hosting a summer themed July 4th event, that theme needs to be a constant in every piece of digital and traditional advertising they put out. Direct mail pieces should have the same imagery and messaging as that of a sponsored post on Facebook. The challenge, naturally, is keeping that consistently through different mediums because there are often size and placement constraints. Ultimately, the more they see those messages popping up on billboards, direct mail pieces and banner ads, the more likely it is that they’ll visit your dealership or, at the very least, fill out information on your microsite.

Stand Out!

Congratulations! You’ve finally caught people’s attention – so what are you gonna do now to reel in the stragglers? At this point in your campaign, you’ve likely collected tons of information from those who visited the dealership or those who decided to fill out information on your microsite. This step is extremely important because you now have data to make highly informed marketing decisions. Depending on what questions were asked on the microsite, you now have an idea of what types of vehicles people want and what types of deals they’re looking for. Because of this, you can now hone your messaging to be more specific.

Now, you might be asking yourself: how am I going to reach this many different people with this many different messages? Simple! After someone has visited your microsite, you can use that information (whether through cookies or simply from microsite info) to create certain profiles that cater a specific message to a specific audience through social advertising or banner ads. For example: Women in a certain age-bracket who reside in a certain area code who want a certain vehicle will be introduced to a new incentive. This demographic might appreciate knowing that a portion of what they pay on a vehicle will be given to a charity.

Make An Offer

Once you’ve caught the attention of that newly segmented audience, it’s time to a get wee bit more aggressive. You’ve probably noticed that your list is getting a little smaller, but far more valuable as they continue to show interest in your dealership. They’ve visited your dealership, filled out all sorts of forms and now they have a really good idea of what it is they want. It’s time to give them an offer! If you’ve found that a specific group of consumers wants a certain make-and-model vehicle, give them more incentive to come back. Great examples of offers in this stage would be: test drives, additional offers to coincide with your purchase like oil changes or tire rotations – really anything that could push them to make a final purchasing decision. And again, the messaging for these offers should always be consistent.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to be able to gather information on your customers. Whether it’s through browser cookies or information that consumers give directly to you, you have an exciting opportunity to truly cater your messaging and offers to someone. By personalizing their experience, consumers will feel as though they’re being taken care of and that’s what really makes your dealership stand out from the rest.

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