Thanksgiving Dinner

Spreading the Gratitude

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Thanksgiving this year looks different for a lot of people, including your residents. Many of them might be choosing to stay home instead of traveling and visiting family. In the spirit of the holiday, this week is a great time to put together a few smaller gifts or ways to give back to your community.


While we spend a lot of time focusing on prospects and getting new leases signed, your own residents are prospects too. Showing your residents how much you appreciate them is a great way to get them thinking about renewing their lease or moving to another unit on your property.


Showing Your Residents Thanks


A great way to create the “thankful” spirit in your community is having a gratitude tree set up in your clubhouse area or lobby. Start by having a paper cut out or even a paper mache tree with empty branches. Then you will need to cut out leaves so that everyone can write something or someone they are grateful for this season on them and tape it onto the branches of the tree. This is a really fun way to get residents involved, share the spirit of giving thanks, and create the feeling of home when so many might not be able to be with their loved ones this year. You can even decorate the table the tree sits on with fairy lights, actual leaves, little pumpkins, or anything that is Fall/Thanksgiving.


Another great way to show your residents thanks is by giving them small gifts. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, it can be as simple as a caramel apple pop, candy corn, or another fall treat with a little tag attached that says something along the lines of how thankful your team is to have these residents living in your community.


Showing Your Community Thanks


Showing your residents thanks is important but it is equally as important to show it to your neighborhood or city. Having residents involved in this is also a great way to have everyone involved in giving back to the neighborhood.


Setting up a donation box for a food drive is a go to for giving back to your community. Asking residents to drop off canned or boxed food along with bottled water is a great way to give back to those in need this holiday season. Your leasing team can create an incentive by having a raffle attached to the food drive. For every donation, a resident can be entered into a raffle with a prize of your choosing.


Another great way to show your community thanks is setting up a volunteer day or a few volunteer spots at local businesses, food pantries, etc. Food banks can always use help with giving food to people and local markets might need the extra hand to meet the demands of the holiday season.


Just because Thanksgiving this year is going to be smaller doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to spread the gratitude and thanks that come along with the day. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the ways you can show your residents and community thanks but it’s a good start to spreading the spirit.