Hitting a Direct Mail High Score: Driving Traffic

Direct mail, when carried out properly, can boost your sales and increase revenue. If you’ve decided to do a direct mail campaign, it’s a large enough investment that you should take the time to do it right. These campaigns take time, energy, and the right moves to be successful, so don’t go into the process blind and waste your time. This blog series will guide you through the direct mail process and help you succeed.


Designing Direct Mail Automotive Consumers Will Engage With.

Marketing comes in many forms. Lately, more and more marketing campaigns come in the form of electronic advertisements, email newsletters and offers. However, direct mail is still a useful marketing tool, as long as it’s done correctly. Here are some best practices for designing direct mail automotive consumers will engage with!


Keep It Simple

Above all other things, you should keep the content in your direct mail simple and to the point. Recipients won’t read your mailer if it’s crammed with a ton of information. When you create a new direct mail campaign, make some guidelines. What do you need to tell your recipients? What do you want them to do? Keep the content simple and easy to read by writing concise copy and keeping images to a minimum. You don’t want to clutter your direct mail with information your recipient won’t care about.

“Above all other things, you should keep the content in your direct mail simple and to the point.”

Get Creative

Your direct mail should be different from your competitors’. Too often, direct mail goes out looking just like everything else. The uniformity of it all allows consumers to ignore it. Getting creative in how you approach the look, feel, and promise of your direct mail can change the way your consumers respond to it. Consider different shapes that would stick out in a pile of envelopes. We’ve found that adding a three dimensional object like a key or combo box to our mailers have DOUBLED in-store traffic. Just goes to show that the way you present your business through direct mail will determine how customers receive it.

Focus on the P.S.

Recipients don’t always read through direct mail if they don’t see a good reason to. Siegfried Vogele’s Handbook of Direct Mail tells us that 90% of people read the P.S. before everything else, so it’s important to sum up all the best information inside your P.S. statements.

Make Responding Easy

“Your direct mail won’t have any responses if recipients don’t know how to respond.”

Your direct mail won’t have any responses if recipients don’t know how to respond. You may be offering awesome discounts or deals, but you have to remember that your recipients need to feel compelled to follow up with you. Make follow-ups easy by providing a web address or phone number, and make sure you steer away from anything that requires too much work from the recipient.

Almost every day, people receive direct mail, often multiple pieces at once. With so much coming through mailboxes, it’s hard to create a piece that will stand out and grab your recipients’ attention. But follow the tips above, and you’ll be producing direct mail that demands attention.

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