PERQ + Imagine Retailer Brings Data-Driven Results

PERQ + Imagine Retailer Brings Data-Driven Results

PERQ + Imagine Retailer Results

  • 1,403.74% ROI PERCENTAGE (5 MONTHS)


Quality Furniture Invests in Website Improvements


Quality Furniture in Mesquite, Texas, stands apart from other small furniture stores, which often lack technology expertise on the staff and don’t understand the value of investing in website improvements.


“We were already aggressive online compared to most in our industry, devoting about 50 percent of our budget to digital solutions and online marketing,” says Quality Furniture Vice President Jordan Barrick.


As the former owner of a digital marketing firm, Barrick brings unique online experience to his role at Quality Furniture. It’s that knowledge of what works well online to attract and convert new customers that actually made him hesitant at first to try the PERQ Shopping Solution on the store’s website.


He says he was initially skeptical of claims the software increases in-store sales and delivers data-driven ROI for every client. Many digital marketing solutions don’t provide provable statistical data or convert web traffic to actionable leads and sales, and Barrick already knew how to increase the website’s traffic through other online strategies.


“I was actually a very big antagonist of PERQ at first,” Barrick says. “I had to shift budget from Google AdWords to do PERQ, which was concerning considering my background in digital marketing. With Google, I know my metrics will give me a certain return, so this had to deliver a better return on investment to be worth it.”


It didn’t take long for Barrick to become a fan of PERQ once he gave it a try. “When I see this kind of ROI, I have no problem giving PERQ money to do their thing.


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Imagine Retailer’s Website Platform Makes PERQ More Potent


Soon after implementing the software on Quality Furniture’s existing website last October and seeing the initial results, Barrick was singing PERQ’s praises to his website developer, Imagine Retailer, which has since joined the PERQ partner program so it can offer the product to its own clients.


“Imagine Retailer is one of the most forward-thinking web companies I’ve worked with,” Barrick says. “They provide us with an online storefront that gives customers a way to find us and shop, and PERQ gives us a way to engage with that customer base.”


That’s exactly what the PERQ Enhanced Website Solution Partner Program is designed to do: combine a website provider’s expertise with PERQ’s interactive, guided shopping experiences to attract and engage consumers and, ultimately, increase in-store sales.


“Between Quality Furniture and Imagine Retailer, we are able to generate a fair amount of website traffic. PERQ converts this traffic to sales with their great shopping funnel system,” says David Lively, co-founder of Imagine Retailer. “In my many years in the furniture business, I have seen and read so many articles about ‘digital traffic.’ While traffic is required to make future sales, it is NOT a metric that converts to bottom line profitability.”


Website Data Validates Return on Investment


For one month, Barrick forgot to prepay his store’s Google AdWords balance and therefore didn’t advertise online at all. “Yet, we still had the best May in sales that we’ve ever had,” says Barrick, attributing a good portion of their success to the PERQ website tools that help consumers conduct online research while gathering valuable lead information. “These interactive experiences, they do a lot of positive things for us. For the ROI, to get people in the door and to buy, it’s a tremendous return on our money.”


According to Barrick, website leads that convert to in-store sales now account for about 7 to 8 percent of overall sales, bringing in an average of $20,000 in monthly volume directly attributable to PERQ.


“I’m a complete data nerd. I believe in an extremely data-driven approach,” Barrick says. “I estimate 30% of those sales, especially since we have a lot of repeat customers, were already on our website or were planning to come into the store and buy. But, that’s still a pretty significant amount of traffic. We wouldn’t be seeing the increase in sales we’re having right now without PERQ.”


Lively says PERQ is a good fit for the home furnishings industry because of their ability to provide data to clients that prove sales growth from online traffic to in store sales. “Nothing is more important to retailers than actual sales,” Lively says. “Traffic might be nice, but sales pay the bills!”


Using AI technology to serve up the next best step in the shopping process for each online shopper, PERQ’s software customizes the website based on information a consumer enters while engaging with the site, like when taking a design style quiz or sofa assessment, and tracks their behavior on the site. The website remembers shoppers when they return, never asks for the same information twice and personalizes messaging with the person’s name.


Barrick gains valuable insight into the minds of his online shoppers thanks to the results PERQ delivers. For Quality Furniture’s website, 33% of web visitors who check specials are ready to make a purchase, 39% who request more information want financing options, and 36% exit intent registrants say they plan to visit the store soon.


The “Check for Specials” button on each product listing is the most popular interactive part of Quality Furniture’s website. To access the deals, website visitors must first enter some personal information. In May alone, the feature delivered 169 unique leads to the store.


In addition to big-picture statistics, Barrick and his sales team also receive detailed consumer profiles for each person who interacts with the site, with results arriving in real time so they can quickly follow up on the leads.


“Getting data on the customer is the most successful part of working with PERQ,” Barrick says. “By knowing what stage of life they’re in, their income bracket, when and what they plan to buy, before even talking to the customer, we can hit the ground running. Leads hit my inbox every single day.


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“For the ROI, to get people in the door and to buy, PERQ and Imagine Retailer are a tremendous return on our money.”

Jordan Barrick, Quality Furniture

Myers Furniture Reaps Rewards from PERQ

Myers Furniture Reaps Rewards from PERQ

Success Snapshot



PERQ Increases Web Engagement


Myers Furniture & Appliance is a one rooftop furniture retail store located in New Castle, Indiana.


They started using PERQ Web Engagement in September 2016, and after 90 days, they averaged a 544% lift in web engagement from their benchmark. Before teaming up with PERQ, only 1% of their web traffic converted to web inquiries.


In their first three months, they saw a 198% ROI, with at least 14 sales attributed to PERQ. In the second 90 days, they saw 719% ROI with 31 sales. Some PERQ interactive experiences that are live on the Myers website include Get E-Price, Spin & Win, Special Offer and a Mattress Assessment.


By adding special offers and incentives throughout the experiences, PERQ helps drive website shoppers into Myers Furniture & Appliance. By treating their website like a digital showroom and personalizing consumer experiences, Myers Furniture and Appliance is able to directly attribute in-store sales to web visitors.

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Quality Data From PERQ


Myers Furniture & Appliance receives quality data about their website visitors in real-time. By receiving real-time data about the customers, like what products they are interested in and when they plan to buy, the Myers sales team is able to follow up and help drive consumers in-store. In addition, the Myers team now has a healthy database for marketing campaigns.


Over 90 days, they learned:

  • 29% of their customers are narrowing their options
  • 18% are ready to buy
  • 46% prefer to be contacted by phone
  • 37% want to know more about financing options


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A PERQ Success


Averaging only a couple of web inquiries a week prior to PERQ, Myers Furniture and Appliance is now reaping the rewards of a successful web engagement strategy.


The Myers’ staff realized their website was their largest showroom. By incorporating PERQ Web Engagement software onto their site, the team saw more engagement and converted more of those visitors into in-store sales.


They also captured better data about each customer to help personalize each experience and improve the overall sales process.


“To see an ROI in less than three months is a great feeling, and it’s proof that PERQ not only increases website conversion but also greatly impacts the ultimate goal of increasing sales.”

Todd Myers, Co-Owner

PERQ Leads Result in Profit Boost for Gallery Furniture

PERQ Leads Result in Profit Boost for Gallery Furniture

Results from PERQ

  • 11,066% ROI IN 1 MONTH


Gallery Furniture Scores Big with New PERQ Leads


Business for Gallery Furniture, the Houston retailer that opened two of its furniture showrooms as shelters for Hurricane Harvey victims in August, is starting to return to normal after the turmoil. In addition to providing shelter, Gallery Furniture also gave away thousands of mattresses and more than 100 sofa sets to local veterans.


“We thought it might be a nice thing to give to the veterans in the area who were affected by the floods,” says Gallery Furniture’s Analytics Director Dan Marchione, adding that flood victims who sought shelter in the showrooms are now gone, and focus has shifted to recovery efforts.


While Gallery Furniture is sure to reap rewards for its generosity and community spirit, Marchione says the company’s decision to integrate PERQ’s Software on its website had a huge impact before the hurricane hit. In fact, it changed the store’s whole approach to sales and tracking leads, he says.


“We have devoted a ton of resources and man hours into learning what’s effective, trying different things, and PERQ is one of those things that we’ve really seen ROI on that’s trackable,” Marchione says. “It gives us a lot of useful information and it’s very effective.”


Founded in 1981, Gallery Furniture operates two Houston locations, 6006 North Freeway and 2411 Post Oak Boulevard, and a third in Richmond, Texas.


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Four New Hires Added to Handle Increase in PERQ Sales Leads


After implementing the PERQ Web Engagement software in March, Marchione says Gallery Furniture started receiving thousands of new leads per month. In response, the company scaled up its in-house digital marketing team by adding four new people.


“The numbers are mind-boggling. Just the amount of PERQ leads that we’re getting, and the ROI that we’re able to track. It’s just phenomenal,” Marchione says. “We’ve started getting so many leads that we’ve actually had to staff up and add people who just chase those leads down, and tons of those leads are converting.


”Just last week, one of those individuals chasing down PERQ leads converted $108,000 in sales,” he adds. “That’s out of a team of four. So that’s pretty good ROI in a week.”


Marchione says sales staff take the PERQ leads and send personalized emails to those consumers with more information directly related to what they searched for on the website. The map of the customer’s online journey “tells you exactly what they were looking at before they did the engagement experience and after,” he says. “Then [the salespeople] send personalized, follow-up emails and make phone calls. It’s just remarkable how effective that is.”


In addition to a personal touch, Marchione says the PERQ software allows Gallery Furniture’s sales staff to reach customers at the right time — when they are actually shopping for a mattress or sofa set. “It seems like the quicker we’re able to reply, the more we get,” he says.

5 Ways to Help You Improve Your Furniture Store Website


The Results from PERQ


One feature that came with the PERQ Engagement Software, the “What’s My Design Style?” interactive experience, really took off with customers, Marchione says.


The company has averaged 951 registrations per month just with the What’s My Design Style? quiz and an average monthly increase of 2,091% in web registrations overall.


PERQ allows customers to sign up for a design consultation and Gallery Furniture sends a decorator to their home for the consultation. “It’s generated some phenomenal sales,” Marchione says. Just in the last 30 days, one customer made two purchases over $33,000 each, and several others ranged from $10,000 to $30,000.


Using PERQ Web Engagement has definitely changed the way Gallery Furniture conducts business today. “Old-school marketing is not nearly as effective as digital marketing,” Marchione says of the biggest lesson learned.


Before PERQ, when Gallery Furniture started experiencing declining sales due to online companies like Amazon and Wayfair, the company realized it needed to change its business model and ramp up its digital marketing efforts, he says.


PERQ was the right answer. “I wish we would have found them 12 months ago,” Marchione says, especially after experiencing a 11,066% in ROI in just one month and a 14.55% average lead to sale conversion in just five months.


“We can’t track the ROI of the newspaper ads or the TV commercials, but you sure can when you get the actual lead form from somebody, and that turns into personal, identifiable information.”

“We’ve started getting so many leads that we’ve actually had to staff up and add people who just chase those leads down, and tons of those leads are converting.”

Dan Marchione, Analytics Director

The Great American Home Store Nurtures Online Shoppers, Drives More In-Store Sales

The Great American Home Store Nurtures Online Shoppers, Drives More In-Store Sales

Home Furnishings Retailer Focuses on Website & Service First


The Great American Home Store tried “doing a little bit of everything” to market their stores, including traditional advertising on TV and radio ads, as well as digital marketing tactics like email promotions, display advertising and basic contact forms on the website. The main lesson the team learned as they’ve steadily grown over the past 15 years: Stick to what you’re good at and start with the basics, then add from there.


“Focus on your sales funnel and website first,” says Justin Bowen, Great American’s Web Content Manager. “Stores start to lose sight of who they are and what they do to help the customer every day. We’ve made that mistake and see others make it all of the time.”


The Great American Home Store, established in 2004, is a locally owned and operated full-line home furnishings company with five locations in Tennessee and Mississippi. The two main locations each feature roughly 60,000 square feet of showroom space and 80,000 square feet of warehouse storage, delivering consumers with convenient and quality one-stop shopping.


In the past few years, the home furnishings retailer has focused its digital marketing efforts on delivering the same level of service on their website that customers receive in the showrooms. “We offer hometown-level service with big-box selection and availability,” Bowen says. “When we recentered on our strengths, we have a lot of advantages over e-commerce giants and our competition — a lot we can lean into and put our efforts toward.”


By adding PERQ’s Marketing Cloud, powered by artificial intelligence, including interactive website experiences and a live “Ask a Question” feature, Great American instantly starts building a relationship with online shoppers. They provide personalized service and intelligent guidance to find exactly the right product to match their customers’ needs —  just as a sales representative would do in the store.


Sales Teams Improve Lead Nurture By Collecting More Website Data


In early 2017, the Great American Home Store updated their website with conversion software that includes helpful interactive quizzes and tools, making the shopping decision easier for consumers. The store collect valuable information from the website interactions, including the customer’s type of home, their ideal design style, current home projects, where they’re at in the buying process and their budget for purchasing new furniture.


The sales teams, along with PERQ’s automated email nurture system, convert more leads by using the website data to deliver personalized, relevant and timely emails that makes Great American stand out among the competition.


“We gained access to a lot more customer data, giving us more opportunities to talk with those customers and engage more on a one-on-one level that we didn’t have before,” Bowen says. “We found not all of them are ready to talk to us and have a sales conversation. But when they do come into the store, ready to make a purchase, they buy more.”


Home Furnishings Retailer Increases Leads, Time on Site with VIP Experiences


Great American not only increased the amount of customer data collected through the website, the retailer also increased the amount of leads from the website. Before, they received 150 to 200 website leads per month from customers who signed up for store emails or registered via an online form asking for more information on a product.


Between December 2018 and June 2019, GAHS collected more than 5,000 unique PERQ leads online and converted 18.34% of those, equaling over $2.1 million in sales. Time spent on the Great American website also increased, averaging over 15 minutes per PERQ lead, compared to the average 4 minutes and 23 seconds for all website visitors.


“We really did start to see incredible growth in a short amount of time. In particular, we saw an increase in the amount of engagement with customers,” Bowen says. “The experiences are helpful and fun, and deliver real value to our customers.”


Great American Boosts Revenue Through Better Engagement & Lead Nurture


Great American found customers who engage online through the website experiences are more likely to convert into an in-store sale, and they spend $200 to $400 more per ticket on average. That’s partly because the customer feels more confident in their purchasing decision after engaging with the AI-powered website to narrow their choices.


“We’ve been just blown away by the results,” Bowen says. “It’s definitely driving the number of conversions and the quality of conversions. Customers are engaging more with us.”


Watch: Another retailer with similar results speaks about value of PERQ product.




Bowen says the increase in website leads forced Great American to reevaluate the store’s entire sales funnel and closely analyze how the sales teams approached the shopping experience from beginning to end. Since mapping out a lead nurture process for every stage of the consumer’s online buying journey, the sales teams can now successfully utilize the consumer information they collect on the website when following up with leads.


“Think about how you proactively help consumers and respond to what they need,” Bowen suggests to other retailers looking for new ways to engage with online shoppers. “Look for holes in your strategy. Pull your customers through that purchasing process; they shouldn’t be pushing your staff to deliver answers or respond. Operate in a way that’s helpful and proactive. It’s all about individualized service, all sales are conversational.”


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Getting rich customer information will help you make better decisions and make a better website for your customers, Bowen adds. “PERQ is one of the best options out there. It’s a one-to-one conversational world. You can’t do that if you don’t know who your customer is. If your system doesn’t know them like a salesperson would in store, you’re going to be missing opportunities.”


Gardner’s Mattress & More Awakens In-Store Revenue with Online Engagement

Gardner’s Mattress & More Awakens In-Store Revenue with Online Engagement

To generate in-store revenue from their website, Gardner’s Mattress & More turns to online assessments, including a mattress quiz, to engage consumers online.


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Mattress Store has Conversations with Customers Before They Walk in the Door


Gardner Mattress Results with PERQ

Gardner’s Mattress & More wanted a way to turn more of their website traffic into leads so that ultimately they’d generate more revenue for their store. Co-owners Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo knew focusing on the customer first online, just like they always did in the store, would be the key to success for their Lancaster, Pennsylvania, furniture store.  


Mattresses are a household item used daily, yet an item consumers purchase only a handful of times over a lifetime. Considered a significant investment for many, mattress shoppers seek education and information before visiting a store. Understanding the importance of quality sleep, informed shoppers invest more for a great mattress.


“Consumers are seeking information first and they do that online. We’re ever-so-connected to our phones and devices, and there’s no shortage of information to find,” McClure says. “Websites are a crucial component of telling the business’ story. The online presence is everything.”


While the store already collected quality prospects from online visitors, McClure and Giagnocavo decided to up their game in May 2017 by integrating website conversion software on Gardner’s website. An interactive mattress assessment allows customers to input their specific sleep preferences and problems to see which mattress style best fits their personal needs and budget.


“Having a warm start with a potential customer is very powerful. It helps to get over the hurdle of the ‘I’m just looking’ standoff that happens every day in a mattress store,” Giagnocavo says.


Gardner’s Capitalizes on Turning Website Traffic into Leads


Since adding AI-driven web conversion software, the store has increased in-store appointments with Gardner’s sleep experts. McClure says once potential customers take the interactive quiz on the website, they often sign up for a showroom visit using the online consultation scheduler. McClure then follows up with a personalized email to prepare the customer for the appointment, using details gathered during the person’s time browsing on the website.

McClure says the information that Gardner’s collects from the mattress assessment helps them understand each customer’s mindset and generates leads making it easy to start a conversation before the person visits the showroom.


Having a solution like PERQ to convert visitor count, page views, time on site, etc. into real people interested in your products is very valuable.

Jeff Giagnocavo, Co-owner, Gardner’s Mattress & More


“Our emails change based on customer responses,” McClure says. “As a result, we do know a little bit about customers when they come in and visit, and that’s always helpful.”


“Most retailers think that a new product or service will be their solution to increasing sales,” Giagnocavo says. “Having a solution like PERQ to convert visitor count, page views, time on site, etc. into real people interested in your products is very valuable.”


Enhancing Online Engagement for a Better Customer Experience


Giagnocavo believes the world doesn’t have time for generic “Dear customer” type of greetings, and finds them shallow and ineffective. As each customer seeks different personalized qualities in a mattress, Gardner’s looks to personalize unique communications for each customer. 


“Consumers are looking to wake up happy on a new mattress and need to experience the product they’re looking to buy. They also want to do business with someone they know and trust,” McClure says. “Consumers want service throughout the sale, all the way through delivery and beyond. That service means everything to our local customers.”



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Giagnocavo considers the interactive software an extremely effective marketing asset that delivers time and time again. “I like to create assets in my marketing and advertising,” he explains. “Assets can be used over and over again, but are only assets when they can show that actual sales have transpired over and over again.”


“PERQ is one of those solutions that does that, and is worth the investment,” McClure says. “It is truly very simple to implement attractive lead generation opportunities on any website with PERQ.”


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Knight Furniture & Mattress Ties Digital Advertising Revenue to Online Leads for Accurate ROI

Knight Furniture & Mattress Ties Digital Advertising Revenue to Online Leads for Accurate ROI

Progressive Knight Team Tackles Ad Revenue Attribution


Knight Furniture & Mattress devotes much of its marketing budget to improving technology resources and perfecting its online lead conversion strategies, despite being in business in North Central Texas for more than a century.


As early adopters of innovative technologies in an industry traditionally slow to adapt, the progressive management team at Knight Furniture generated some initial success from their digital marketing efforts; however, they struggled to attribute the store’s growth to specific marketing channels or tie in-store revenue to leads generated online.


Increases in their digital advertising spending often correlated with an increase in website and foot traffic, but it wasn’t entirely clear what motivated customers to come into the store and buy. Basic Google Analytics reports lumped together anonymous leads collected from “social media” and “digital advertising” to deliver generic results with poor insights into ROI and channel performance.


“It was the question of, ‘How do I track this?’ I would increase my spending on Google Ads and the sales in our store would increase, but it wasn’t consistent and we couldn’t be sure they were related,” says Joey Gunn, Vice President of Knight Furniture & Mattress and the fourth generation to help run the family business.


Knight Furniture Focuses on Digital Advertising Results to See Which Platforms Perform


With a degree in advertising and decades of onsite job experience starting as a young teenager, Gunn knew there must be a better way to track digital advertising results down to the dollar. They also wanted to source the store’s growing number of leads that turned into showroom sales, which averaged 6.34% the first four months of 2019 and equaled $91,503.31.


Now that we have the right technology to analyze our data, it’s clear just how much business we can attribute to the website and other online sources.

Joey Gunn, Vice President of Knight Furniture & Mattress


“We’re still struggling to figure out the exact right mix of advertising,” Gunn says. “There are all of these new advertising products constantly being introduced. It seems like they come up with something new for digital every week. We can’t afford them all.”


To gain visibility into how well the store’s various digital advertising platforms perform and which ads drive the most actual revenue, Knight Furniture invested in an AI-powered marketing cloud that centralizes all of the retailer’s online lead and traffic data — from the website and digital advertising campaigns, along with in-store appointments and sales transactions. They now track a shopper’s entire consumer journey and, most importantly, get accurate ROI reporting on every digital marketing spend.


“Now that we have the right technology to analyze our data, it’s clear just how much business we can attribute to the website and other online sources,” Gunn says. “We can actually see who landed at the front counter and bought something in our stores. I think that’s the ultimate metric that matters.”


Knight Deploys AI Approach to Collect, Track and Convert Online Leads


Knight Furniture & Mattress utilizes AI-driven web conversion software, first added to the store website in 2017, to collect lead information while guiding online shoppers down the sales funnel with interactive quizzes. From the start of 2019 to April, Knight captured 1,026 online leads on the store website.


The product specialists working the showroom and phones at Knight’s two Texas locations in Gainesville and Sherman use the detailed consumer profile information from the website and other online sources to personalize their sales approach. They’re able to close those online leads when the shopper calls, emails or visits in person after looking at the website. They can also prioritize leads who indicate they’re ready to make a purchase right away.


Watch: Joey Gunn talks about the increase in leads and sales from partnering with PERQ.




To keep website visitors engaged who aren’t quite ready to buy or talk to someone inside the store, Knight Furniture sends a series of targeted, personalized emails through the marketing cloud’s automated lead nurturing system that uses AI technology linked back to the website.


“We’ve been able to close at a higher rate, because the information that we send back to the customer, either out of our mouths or via email nurture or whatever method, is more relevant,” Gunn says. “Now, we’re taking it to the next level by integrating the website conversion solution into our digital advertising.”


Targeted Digital Advertising Drives More Online Leads, Lowers Cost Per Click


Knight Furniture gathers valuable marketing intelligence by linking the store’s digital advertising accounts and website data to the marketing cloud, where the store’s data is then compared to millions of other relevant industry data points. With those in-depth insights, their team can create better-targeted ads and confidently streamline the store’s advertising channels to focus on those that perform the best.


So, which of our messages is working? Because, not all ads are created equal.

Joey Gunn, Vice President of Knight Furniture & Mattress


From all of that data, Gunn can identify his ideal customer and predict their most likely path to conversion, then tweak his digital marketing strategy to target those types of shoppers where they’re most likely to be looking online. “So, which of our messages is working?” Gunn says of what he looks for in the cloud reporting. “Because, not all ads are created equal.”


Knight Furniture paid, on average, $2.11 per click with a median bounce rate of 32.83% for all of the store’s digital ads before applying the marketing cloud’s analytics and automated technology. In the four months after Gunn implemented the cloud, the store’s average cost per click dropped to $0.79 and average bounce rate decreased to 27.44%. They grew their number of website visitors almost 18% and website leads increased by 33% during that time.


Award-Winning Reputation and Commitment to Technology Keep Knight on Top


Although it’s a daily battle to stay relevant and one step ahead of the competition, Gunn says, he’ll continue to be a front-runner when it comes to keeping up in the digital world. “The world keeps turning and technologies keep advancing,” he adds.


Knight Furniture won the prestigious “Retailer of the Year” title from the Home Furnishings Association in 2016 for being an innovator and leader in the industry. Gunn, alongside his dad and surrounded by a team of talented employees, continue to propel Knight Furniture and other retailers into the future.


By constantly searching for new, innovative technologies, they’ve discovered successful solutions to solve the everyday challenges of brick-and-mortar stores that see more web traffic than foot traffic these days. “We try to stay cutting edge, at least in our local area,” Gunn says. “We’re continuing to challenge and push the industry forward, and introduce new technologies that could help retailers, help my store specifically, and ultimately help the end customer.”


| PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Knight Furniture has attracted more website and store traffic the past few years than ever before and converted more online leads into sales by adding AI to several layers of their digital advertising strategy. Being able to match online leads back to in-store purchases gives Gunn actionable insights into the store’s digital marketing performance he didn’t have before.