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“PERQ has definitely helped our little website. People are staying on there more and they’re interacting. "

–Troy Kush, Co-owner of Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store

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More Customers Engage with Nebraska Furniture Retailer’s PERQ Software

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With a 30-year history of selling furniture in the Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, area, Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store has learned to adapt to the changing marketplace.


After trying traditional methods of advertising, Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store decided to conduct an internal audit of its shoppers to find out how they heard about the store. With customer referrals coming in at No. 1, the company then decided to integrate the PERQ Web Engagement Software on its website to increase customer engagement.


“PERQ has definitely helped our little website,” says co-owner Troy Kush. “People are staying on there more and they’re interacting.”


Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store is a local, family-owned business with two stores, one at  4911 S. 72nd St. in Omaha and the second at 5601 S. 59th St. in Lincoln. With an 80,000-square-foot showroom and warehouse spaces in both locations, the stores employ 65 and sell a wide variety of home furnishings and mattresses.

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Customer Activity Increases Following Easy Install of PERQ Software

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Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store, said the company considered joining the network of, but decided the investment was too costly for their particular business, which doesn’t sell furniture online. Instead, they chose to gauge customer reaction with the PERQ Web Engagement Software.


It was easy to implement, he says, requiring only a single line of code on the website. “Compared to this time last year, we are getting more inquiries, we have a lot more traffic,” he says.


Troy Kush, who operates the business with his brother Randy and father Rod, says he personally answers every email, even the mundane questions he receives regarding furniture dimensions and whether something is in or out of stock. With web registrations up 2,671% after 210 days of using PERQ Web Engagement -- resulting in a 17 percent increase in lead-to-sale conversion -- Kush is happy to be so busy.


“With how many emails I get and how many inquiries I get on a daily basis and the conversations I can start, I definitely think it’s worth it,” Kush says of PERQ. Real tracking numbers bear that out, showing Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store experienced a 906% ROI after 210 days of implementing the software on its site.


What’s Your Design Style? Favorite for Customers


Customers seem to really favor the “What’s Your Design Style?” assessment on the store’s website, Kush says, and that engagement is keeping them on the site longer. A total of 233 customers have taken the assessment since August.


“It’s hard to get people’s attention and to engage them,” he says. “If you can get somebody on your website for two minutes, that’s huge if you really look at the analytics of it.


“If you take the assessment, you are going to start browsing,” Kush adds. “They may not be buying now, they may be buying in three months, two months, maybe they’re just on a whim that night, but they’ve engaged and looked at our website. With PERQ, it’s really about engagement. If they browse our website for five to 10 minutes, we are in their head.”


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The Results

7 day furniture and mattress results

The most surprisingly result of using the PERQ software is how many furniture customers actually take the time to write an email and request more information, Kush says. On Cyber Monday alone, he says he received more than nine such requests from customers. Since August, the furniture store has received 356 requests for more information.


“All of these, they are taking the time to ask a question, they’re engaged, whereas they were just browsing before,” Kush says. “That was the biggest eye-opener for me.”


He takes the time to answer the emails each day, providing helpful information to customers and not trying to sell them on one thing or another. “People are fine with sending emails and waiting for a response,” he says. ”I don’t try to sell them too much. My goal is trying to get them into the store.”


“Once we get you in the store, we really believe the furniture we have, our showroom, and our salespeople will finish the deal,” he says. The PERQ software definitely made an impact, with total sales dollars from PERQ ranging from $69,604.81 after 90 days to a whopping $172,317.84 after 210 days.

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"With PERQ, it’s really about engagement. If they browse our website for 5 to 10 minutes, we are in their head. "

Troy Kush, Co-owner of Rod Kush’s 7-Day Furniture and Mattress Store

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