Remote Sales Tips for Home Furnishing Retailers During COVID-19

By: Kristy Esch

Virtual consultations and appointments; promoting virtual sales; and leveraging chat, text and social media are all ways home furnishing retailers are connecting with shoppers during COVID-19. Many have had to learn new ways to do business and create remote sales to keep their business operating. 


To learn more, PERQ and Wondersign hosted a virtual happy hour with home furnishings retailers to discuss remote sales tips and and how they’re embracing the new environment. While window shoppers online may have slowed, the leads that do engage are typically ready to make a purchase, one retailer noted, and she said virtual consultations are closing at a 90 to 95% rate because those shoppers are ready to buy.


Remote Sales Tips to Help Furnishing Retailers During COVID-19


Use these remote sales tips we learned during the happy hour to help your home furnishings business during COVID-19. 


  • Connect with your shoppers through video, whether it’s through FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or another platform. Check with your customer to see what they’re comfortable with.
  • Give shoppers the opportunity to schedule a virtual consultation right on your website.
  • Leverage chat-to-text tools to engage with the visitor while they are on your site. Chat-to-text allows your sales team to interact quickly with real-time information 
  • To limit interactions, offer curbside pickup, no-contact delivery, and one-on-one private consultations in-store. Don’t put your team at risk when delivering furniture or having too many customers in the store. Most customers do understand.
  • Let customers know if you have a policy that doesn’t allow you to currently pick up used furniture or appliances. Also, decide if you’ll pick up the item at a later date.
  • Be engaged and answer questions from customers on social media. It’s more legwork, but it’s how people are connecting right now.
  • Use Facebook Marketplace to showcase some of your inventory.
  • Check out Google Trends in your area and use the home furnishing trends you’re seeing in your marketing efforts. Send promotional emails, lean into digital advertising, or target your social media towards the trends.
  • While you shouldn’t advertise your business on Nextdoor, it’s a great way to have conversations with people in your neighborhoods. Jump in on a conversation about working from home and also talk about supporting local businesses.
  • Be real and authentic. People need and want that right now and it will go a long way with shoppers. 


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