How Technology Supports Your Digital Sales Process

How Technology Supports Your Digital Sales Process

When building your digital sales team, assign technology a role. From a smart CRM that can prioritize online leads to AI-powered web conversion software and automated lead nurture, give your digital sales department tools to help them succeed and drive more profit.


Collect Data in a Smart CRM System


Dynamic CRM software delivers a great deal of information about the digital customer and about your sales team’s performance. Studies show that without a CRM 79% of leads fail to convert, and 74% of businesses using a CRM report better customer relationships


Online shoppers provide clues not only about what they’re looking for, but also where they are in the sales process. Utilize a platform that captures high-level data about a lead’s activity on your website and provides consumer engagement opportunities to interact with your digital team. 


If you’re looking to upgrade your website software, pick an integrated platform that ties directly to a CRM and automatically prioritizes the digital leads generated. Some platforms assign color-coded indicators within the CRM tool so users can easily identify the qualified leads that require immediate follow-up by the digital sales staff. 


Utilize the CRM to assign those hot leads to a specific salesperson and track their lead follow-up efforts. Be sure digital sales team members keep their CRM logs current, noting the number and types of follow-up attempts made, and whether those efforts resulted in a sale.


Personalize Responses with CRM Data and Automated Lead Nurture 


To take some work off an already stressed sales staff, set the CRM system so new leads trigger automated lead nurture email cadences for timely follow-up with online leads. AI technology makes it possible to personalize those automated messages and schedule their delivery based on a lead’s data and online behavior. 


Before a digital salesperson personally reaches out to prospects, first make sure they know how to access and interpret the consumer profile data in the CRM. Encourage your sales staff to cater their responses around a digital lead’s recent website activity, products of interest, relevant sales incentives, and any questions or requests for more information that the prospect submitted online.


Learn to Communicate Through Digital Channels


In addition to personalizing lead follow-up, the sales team should reach out to customers using their preferred method of communication as documented in the CRM. While your sales associates may prefer face-to-face interactions with consumers, smart technology provides valuable information to guide their outreach efforts. 


With instant access to your home furnishing products listed online, consumers seek information around the clock via a variety of channels. Respond to leads using the same method they used to reach out to your store. Today that might mean learning how to best communicate through online chat, email, text messaging, or phone calls. Consider giving the digital sales team templates for each communication channel to guide conversations and highlight the slight nuances of each. 


Marketing technology enables your digital sales team to do their job effectively and efficiently — in an easy-to-implement and personalized manner. It also provides all members of the team with clear actionable insights, including the ability to see appointments virtually set by online visitors and prepare accordingly. 


Use Data Analytics to Track Leads, Sales and Gain Consumer Insights 


Technology also allows store management to track each salesperson’s outreach efforts and win rates via historical data captured during customer and sales interactions. Analyze the average number of emails, texts or phone calls it takes to win the deal, and share those consumer insights with your team. 


Celebrate their successes, learn from the losses, and then tailor the store’s digital efforts moving forward to better serve your customers and support the digital sales staff. 

The Art of Digital Sales

The Art of Digital Sales

The key to driving more sales is knowing how to connect with consumers who are shopping online. In this episode of The Bridge Podcast, Andy and Muhammad talk with David Kain, founder of the digital sales training company Kain and discuss the tips and best practices on dominating the digital sales arena.


Tip No. 1: “Be where the customer is,” Kain says. “Knowing the customer’s journey on your website and being able to relay the exact information they are searching for — through email, phone call or text message — is important in winning the initial conversation. Making the conversation more convenient for your shopper, will correlate directly to the number of people who will visit your physical store location.”


If you want to learn more about how David Kain is bridging the gap of digital selling, check out Season 2, Episode 2 of The Bridge podcast now. The Bridge Season 2 is available wherever you get your podcasts including, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify. You can see all of the episodes, on your podcast app of choice, by visiting this link




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Using Virtual Apartment Tours to Get More Leases: The Bridge Podcast

Using Virtual Apartment Tours to Get More Leases: The Bridge Podcast

In the season opener of The Bridge, co-hosts Andy Medley and Muhammad Yasin sit down (a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic) with Matt Weirich, CEO and co-founder of Realync, and Jordan Easley, their Director of Operations. The pair at Realync, a multifamily video leasing and engagement solution that enables leasing teams, talk about a topic that is now top of mind for many businesses: “How do I connect with rental prospects when they can’t visit in-person?”


Video touring, whether it be pre-recorded or live, gives a human interaction that static images can’t compete with. “A video can be used to establish that first connection between a rental property and a consumer who’s looking for a new place to live,” says Weirich. “Video tours allow these consumers to experience a space on their own time and to see the exact unit they could be living.” 


If you want to learn more about how Realync is bridging the gap by using video touring, check out Season 2, Episode 1 of The Bridge podcast now. The Bridge season 2 is available wherever you get your podcasts including, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. You can see all of the episodes, on your podcast app of choice, by visiting this link.


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The Bridge Podcast Launches New Season on Digital Sales

The Bridge Podcast Launches New Season on Digital Sales

If you’re a new listener to The Bridge podcast, welcome! For those of you who are returning, thank you for your support! You got us into the top 20 marketing podcasts on iTunes! 


The world of social distancing and self quarantining are the new normal in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak and if you’re like us, you’re looking for new podcasts to listen to. We’re back with an all new season focusing on digital sales and best practices for enabling your sales teams.


In Season 2, we’re also introducing a new co-host, Muhammad Yasin. We’ll talk to industry experts as well as sales leaders to share tangible insights and real stories all focused on helping you thrive in this uncertain new world. 


The Bridge season 2 is available wherever you get your podcasts including, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. You can see all of the episodes, on your podcast app of choice, by visiting this link. Subscribe on your favorite platform to never miss an episode.


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Woman Wins $25K in Sweepstakes Sponsored by PERQ

Woman Wins $25K in Sweepstakes Sponsored by PERQ

Gayle Elliott is thrilled to be named the winner of the $25,000 FATWIN Sweepstakes sponsored by PERQ. Elliott of Gladys, Virginia, was presented with a ceremonial check at Schewels Home on March 4. She was randomly selected from a pool of nearly 996,000 people who registered for the sweepstakes in 2019 on websites that leverage PERQ software. The clients, like Schewels, use PERQ to improve the consumer shopping experience online.


Photos by Scott Allen | Matt Schewel of Schewels Home (left) and Zach Naylor-Cook, a client success manager at PERQ (far right), presented Gayle Elliott with the $25K check in Lynchburg, Virginia. Gayle’s daughter Britny Clark joined her to celebrate.  


How Elliott Won


Gayle says she’s been shopping at Schewels for years, buying a swivel chair most recently, and fell in love with a tall table on the store’s website. During her website visit, Gayle clicked on a link to enter the FATWIN sweepstakes and entered her information.


“I got one email and a few phone calls to say I’d won,” Gayle says. “First, I thought this is a scam. Things like this don’t happen to me. I called the store and said that I was getting calls from this lady saying I won this sweepstake. The woman who answered told me to hold and a man got on the phone. When I started to explain why I was calling, he stopped me and said ‘Are you Gayle Elliott? Congratulations, you won!’”


Matt Schewel, director of store operations at Schewels, says this is a great moment for the business. Schewels Home was founded in 1897 and has been owned by the family for five generations. “We’re so excited for Gayle and for our whole company to be part of this life-changing event,” Schewel says.


“I went from thinking this couldn’t be real to ‘this really is real!’” Gayle adds. “I’m very excited and very thankful for this opportunity.”


Plans for the Sweepstakes Money


Gayle says she plans to buy a Zero-Turn lawnmower, a new clothes dryer and the table she had been eyeing on Schewels’ website. “I kicked myself for not getting it,” she says. She expects some of the money to go toward her daughter Britny Clark’s wedding.


Gayle has this advice for anyone asked to enter a sweepstakes when visiting a website. “I can tell you I’ve never won anything like this before, but I kept putting in for them,” she says. “Keep doing it! There is that one chance of winning and it could be you, so just fill it out!”

PERQ Named a HousingWire Tech100 Winner

Indianapolis, IND, March 3, 2020 – PERQ, a marketing technology company, is pleased to be named a winner of HousingWire’s eighth annual HW Tech100 awards. The awards recognize the most innovative technology companies in the U.S. housing economy.


PERQ was named to the Tech100 Real Estate list for its Multifamily Marketing Cloud, which is a set of integrated marketing solutions powered by artificial intelligence that enable properties to have an interactive, personalized and automated marketing strategy with actionable marketing data intelligence. The Multifamily Marketing Cloud addresses numerous problems faced by property managers including a lack of quality leads, poor lead-to-lease conversion, and leasing agents that struggle to consistently keep up with and convert leads.


“I’m proud that PERQ’s innovation in the multifamily industry has been recognized by HousingWire,” said PERQ Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Scott Hill. “Our multifamily clients using the Marketing Cloud see an average increase of 148 percent in leases from their property website and a 64 percent drop in cost per lead. We are truly changing how properties find residents.”


“This year’s Tech100 winners blew past innovation, moving beyond innovation to transformation,” HousingWire Associate Magazine Editor Kelsey Ramírez said. “In both the real estate and mortgage sectors, fintech companies continue to create new ways to approach the housing process, improving efficiencies, cutting costs and creating a new experience for all parties involved.”


You can see the full list of winners here. About PERQ


PERQ (, a marketing technology company founded in 2001, empowers businesses and the online consumer experience through innovative solutions powered by artificial intelligence. More than 1,500 businesses in the home furnishings, auto retailing and multifamily industries leverage PERQ’s Marketing Cloud and technology to give them more visibility into their digital marketing efforts and sales.


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