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PERQ Web Engagement is a Win-Win

Whether sponsoring Friday night concerts throughout the summer, sharing a “pet of the week” from the local animal shelter on their Facebook page, or helping to raise funds for kids and cancer research, Sunset Honda prides itself in being involved and giving back to their customers that support them.


“We’ve been around since 1977 as a family-owned business,” says David Idell, Internet Director of Sunset Honda, which has 450 new and used vehicles on its lot. “It’s important for us to support our community.”


When given the opportunity to help car shoppers throughout the car buying process online, Idell says he knew PERQ Web Engagement was win-win and started using the Deal Arrangement product on their website in February 2017. “I’m happy with the experience PERQ provides our clients on our website,” he says.

PERQ Helps Car Buyers

with Online Shopping Process

Idell says he’s most impressed with PERQ’s software because of the smart calls to action and the interactive experiences that helps the shopper, whether they’re just researching or ready to buy. “I like the layout, I like the format. It offers shoppers a step-by-step buying process that’s different than what anybody else has out there,” he says.


“It offers shoppers a step-by-step buying process that’s different than what anybody else has out there.”


The interactive experiences helps Sunset Honda’s customers easily get an estimated value for their trade, receive special offers, arrange their deal, calculate their payments, schedule a test drive and more. Because each experience is connected, online car shoppers are guided throughout the process and the website remembers their information, so they don’t have to re-enter the same information twice.


Prior to PERQ, Idell used Trade Pending for six months. “I thought it would generate more leads, but it didn’t,” he says, noting he compared tools and the results closely year over year as he began using PERQ’s software to make sure it was bringing results.

PERQ’s Connected, Interactive Experiences Drive Results

Even in a down market, Sunset Honda continues to grow using PERQ’s Web Engagement interactive solutions, selling 49 vehicles in 5 months with the tool, increasing unique visitors to leads by 33%, improving leads by 26%, and seeing $98,000 in estimated gross profit in 90 days.


Idell says he’s been happy with the consistency of the results, but it’s the connected experience with PERQ’s interactive experiences that proves to drive results. “I like the way the calls to action change up to drive the client toward a car deal,” he says, noting he’d like to add PERQ’s Assessment quiz experiences to his website in the future to help his customers determine the make or model of a vehicle they should purchase or whether they should lease or buy.


“It’s a good intuitive tool,” Idell says. “I would recommend PERQ to other dealers.”


“It’s a good intuitive tool,” Idell says. “I would recommend PERQ to other dealers. Also, the product is plug and play so you don’t have to think about too many things when you implement it onto your site. Support is always there and open to new ideas.”

“I like the way calls to action from PERQ change up to drive the client toward a car deal.”

David Idell, Internet Director

David Idell
Besides the newest addition with Kelley Blue Book, PERQ also partners with NADA for trade-in data, giving dealerships options for how they prefer to value trades.

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