PERQ Awakens Online Engagement for Mattress Store





527% ROI IN 90 DAYS

Gardner’s Mattress & More Integrate PERQ

Gardner’s Mattress & More co-owners Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo focus first on educating and helping customers, a marketing philosophy that’s proved immensely successful for the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, furniture store.


When the economic downturn and declining sales threatened to shut down the business in 2010, McClure purchased Gardner’s from the founder after being employed there for 11 years. He teamed up with Giagnocavo, who was working as a manufacturer representative, and the two have transformed the mattress industry in the years since.


To help educate customers, the pair created a Mattress Information Guide, available on the store’s website and in person. Gardner’s gathers customer leads whenever a mattress shopper requests a copy and enters an email address on their website.


While the store collected quality prospects from online visitors, McClure and Giagnocavo decided to up their game in May 2017 by integrating the PERQ Software on Gardner’s website. A interactive mattress assessment that allows customers to choose their preferred mattress style really engaged consumer interest.


“When we saw the PERQ solution, we knew right away that PERQ could help us create a better user experience on our site,” Giagnocavo says.


In the first 90 days, Gardner’s experienced a 527% return on their investment in the software and a 34% increase in web inquiries. Visitor time on site also increased 470% in the first three months.


“It gives us a few different front doors where someone can come in [online], since everybody digests information a different way,” McClure says. “PERQ has made it truly very simple to implement attractive lead generation opportunities on any website, and the team’s been wonderful to work with.”

PERQ Software: A Valuable

Asset that Delivers Results

McClure says he likes how easy the PERQ software is to implement on an existing website. “No two retailers’ websites are alike, but PERQ has made it simple to implement and simple to edit, something they handle with input from the retailer. It’s very customizable to the retailers’ needs.”


McClure and Giagnocavo are also founders of Automatic Mattress Profits, a coaching and consulting service that helps independent mattress retailers increase sales by creating a better customer experience.


Since launching the PERQ software, Gardner’s has increased the store’s average lead-to-sale conversion by 16 percent. Because of that success, AMP recently became a reseller of the PERQ Web Engagement Software, recommending their mattress retailer clients try it as well.


“Having a solution like PERQ to convert visitor count, page views, time on site, etc., into real people interested in your products is very valuable,” Giagnocavo says.

PERQ’s Mattress Assessments for the Win

Gardner’s most successful PERQ software component is the mattress assessment, an interactive tool where website visitors can answer questions to see what mattress type best fits their sleep needs.


“That’s been the No. 1 component for us. It gets them to interact with us and stay on our site longer,” McClure says.


He says the information that Gardner’s gathers from the mattress assessment helps them understand each customer’s mindset and generates leads that make it easy to start a conversation before the person visits the showroom.


McClure says once potential customers do the interactive quiz on the website, they often sign up for an in-store visit using the PERQ consultation scheduler. He then follows up with a personalized email using details gathered during the person’s time on the website.


“The emails change based on their responses,” McClure says. “We do know a little bit about them when customers come in and visit, and that’s always helpful.”


Giagnocavo considers PERQ’s interactive software an extremely effective marketing asset that delivers time and time again. “I like to create assets in my marketing and advertising,” he explains. “Assets can be used over and over again, but are only assets when they can show that actual sales have transpired over and over again.


“PERQ is one of those solutions that does that and is worth the investment.”

“PERQ has made it truly very simple to implement attractive lead generation opportunities on any website.”

Ben McClure, Co-Owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More