PERQ Appliance Assessments Increases Sales, Leads


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PERQ Appliance Assessment Results

14,339 LEADS (90 DAYS)




Big Sandy Superstore Sees Strong Return with Appliance Assessments

Big Sandy Superstore, a home furnishings company with 18 locations in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, is reaping the benefits of more engaged appliance shoppers who stay on the company’s website longer, says Dan Evans, Big Sandy Superstore’s Director of Marketing.


The retailer implemented PERQ’s Software in October and added PERQ’s new appliance assessments to their website in February. Over 90 days, they generated more than 14,000 leads and boosted their overall lead to sale ratio to nearly 31% for all stores. In addition, in just two months, more than 22% of consumers who went through one of four appliance experiences made a purchase.


“Just out of the gate, I think a 31% lead to sale overall and the appliance experience at 22.5% lead to sale, that’s pretty strong,” Evans says. “It’s not quite the level of our furniture and mattress experiences, but we’re kind of in the infancy of it with just over 60 days under our belt.”

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Partnering with PERQ Makes Sense

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Previously, a basic survey on the Big Sandy Superstore website allowed customers to provide information about their needs for appliances, Evans says, explaining how the company wanted to customize an online experience to help customers find the perfect appliance fit.


“We had a very basic type survey on our website that we were gathering lead information and trying to make product suggestions with,” Evans says. Then the company learned about the PERQ software. “It was along the same line of what we were already doing. It just seemed like our idea on steroids. The PERQ experience has enabled us to take that to a new level.”


Robert Van Hoose, CEO of the 65-year-old superstore chain, says he wanted to drive customer engagement on the website but previous marketing efforts lacked any way to measure that engagement.


“PERQ gives us a much better way to follow up with the people who come to our website and get them into the store,” Van Hoose says. “It provides better information about the customer and what they’re searching for, and gets that information into the hands of our sales team who can follow up locally and complete the transaction.”

PERQ Delivers Impressive ROI for Home Furnishings and Appliance Retailer

“We are now having a conversation versus no conversation,” Van Hoose says. “We’re driving them that last mile into our store. It gives us a point of contact versus just hoping they show up.”


PERQ’s appliance assessments ask consumers when they are in the market to buy an appliance, and 77% of shoppers said they were ready to buy now or within 2 weeks.


After 90 days of offering the furniture and mattress assessments and 60 days of appliance assessments on its website, Big Sandy Superstore has seen a 20,920% return on investment.


“With the questions the customers are answering, it helps to narrow down a selection of a few items very quickly,” Evans says, which gives the sales teams relevant information they can use to deliver what the customer is looking for when they are looking for it. “We’re really pleased with the return we’ve seen so far.”


Van Hoose agrees. “I think the PERQ team is forward-thinking and they’re going to continue to come up with solutions to make us better. We look forward to continuing to work on competitive advantages for our website to help convert website customers into in-store shoppers. If you’re serious about maximizing your website traffic, I’d recommend talking to PERQ.”[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]

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“Just out of the gate, I think a 31% lead to sale overall and the appliance experience at 22.5% lead to sale, that’s pretty strong… with just over 60 days under our belt.”

Dan Evans, Director of Marketing