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Your AI Leasing Assistant will automate the human driven leasing process. It knows how to search through trash leads and pull out what’s important to you and nurture prospects not quite ready to start their rental journey.

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 The Easiest and Smartest AI Leasing Assistant to simplify your tech stack

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Save 12 Hours a Week

Work smarter not harder. Own your work day by automating lead nurture with personalized and branded follow-up.

PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Double Your Conversion

Unlike us, bots don’t need a nap in the late afternoon. The AI Leasing Assistant software takes care of prospect needs 24/7 while capturing more tours.

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Extend Your Reach

Automatically guide prospects to PERQ experiences on your website by enabling interactive lead capture from every marketing channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I get it, but can you give me the cliff notes on what this is and how it works?

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant improves operational efficiency and profitability by increasing the number of leads from your existing website, collecting more prospect data, and making follow up easy for your leasing team. We do this by combining a chatbot, lead conversion widgets, and automated follow up to give properties a complete solution that is easy to implement with no technology or process change.

How do I sell this to "the boss"? What's in it for them?

Four words, “operational efficiency and profitability”.

There are a lot of AI leasing agent technology choices out there. PERQ allows you to shrink your technology budget with a complete platform instead of struggling to manage a bunch of one-off, point solutions. Last, your strategy is only as good as the information at your fingertips. 24/7 access to reporting helps you make good business decisions on your time. Plan budget and forecast performance better with a consistently performing lead funnel process and rich consumer data.

What makes this solution a "better bot" than others out there?

Here at PERQ, we keep our promises. By combining single point solutions on one platform, the AI Leasing Assistant platform cohesively addresses all phases of the leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience that’s much more cost effective to your property. 

My leasing team is already overwhelmed with work. How will this help instead of getting in the way?

Onboarding new technology can be daunting. Save them time by automating routine questions and lead follow-up activities so the leasing team can handle the more complex leads and resident tasks.

With a Client Success Manager who will handle the brunt of setup for you, 24/7 resource centers, and virtual educational events, we’ve got your back from day one with dedicated resources to ensure the success of you and your team.

How do I make sure PERQ's AI Leasing Assistant solution represents my brand properly?

We not only look like your website through custom branding of colors and names, but we also work closely with your team to ensure PERQ is an expert on your community amenities and floor plans. Natural Language processing in chat allows the bot to understand the intent behind your prospects needs and get them the perfect answer.

We love PERQ because you help convert people. With your AI Bot, my favorite part is because we use CRM, when there’s a chat on the AI Bot, all that information goes into our CRM as a guest card. That gives us context of what was asked before we reengage with that prospect again.

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Jamin Harkness

EVP, The Management Group


The Management Group

The Management Group has properties all over the southern US. Being able to offer 24/7 support to prospects with PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant has saved their team hours of work and given them more insightful data on prospect’s wants and needs. The team at TMG are able to use this data to personalize the leasing journey and give prospects an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.