Need Fresh Advertising Solutions? Check Out These Creative Ways To Use an 8 Page Magazine

By: Kelly Olsen

If you’re like many newspapers we work with, you are probably in need of some fresh ideas for your advertising solutions this Summer. As the year wears on, how can you offer unique print solutions that will help your advertising partners sell more products and come back to place more ads?


Never fear, your friends at PERQ are here with some fresh ideas that we’ve seen work for newspapers across the country. In the past few years, our 8 Page Magazine has been our most popular print piece, so we thought there would be no better way to start Summer than by offering some steep discounts on our 8 Page Magazines and giving you some new ways to offer your advertisers value. Here are a few ideas that will thrill your readers and ad partners alike:

Your City’s Survival Guide

How frequently do you have visitors to your city? Maybe you’re a vacation destination for families, or maybe your local conference center sees its fair share of business travelers. Regardless of what brings these visitors to your beautiful city, your local restaurants, stores, and service providers want to earn their business!


Why not create a survival guide for these guests and place them at local hotels and conference centers? You could include restaurants that have extended hours and the best places to have a business lunch or coffee. Additionally, you could help wary travelers in need of an urgent fix by including dry cleaners, 24 hour convenience stores, and even med check locations. By creating a useful guide to surviving your city, you create value that will have advertisers flocking to be included.


How to Have Fun in the Sun This Summer

If your family is like mine, you probably fall into the same routine every Summer. Maybe you go to the community pool or the corner ice cream shop, but you don’t get out and explore everything your city has to offer.


Help your community members explore their surroundings by inserting a magazine in the Sunday paper that highlights nearby water parks, ice cream shops, and restaurants and bars with patio seating. You could even reach out to local sports teams to help them sell tickets. This is a great solution for any community with a lot of local activity.


The Ultimate Lawn & Garden Field Guide

I don’t know if anyone in your household is as competitive as my husband, but he insists on having the best lawn in the neighborhood every year. From the second the last flake of snow has melted, he’s watering, fertilizing, and ensuring that not a single blade of grass falls askew. Catering to this demographic can move a lot of very valuable equipment for a lot of stores in your area.


Try creating a field guide for ultimate lawn and garden maintenance. You could include ads from home and garden stores, landscaping companies, hardware stores, and even flower shops. If you do this effectively, you can create a piece of content that your readers will be referencing all Summer to build their perfect lawn and garden.


Like I said before, we’re discounting our 8 page magazines this June, so if any of these ideas sound appealing, you must act now!


For more information about this and other promotions, check out our video on eight-page magazines. If you have any questions about how to use the magazines or if you want pricing information, get in touch! We’re happy to talk!