Key Takeaways – NADA Conference Closing Session

By: Tim Hickle

The 2014 NADA Convention and Trade show closed today in front of a packed house, Here are some of our key takeaways from the closing session.

NADA’s New Chairman

The closing session opened with the introduction of NADA’s new chairman, Forrest McConnell. An Alabama native who has been on the NADA board for seven years, Forrest is a fantastic choice who went on to give a rousing speech to the crowded hall.

Forrest talked about the merits of NADA and the challenges that will face the automotive industry in 2014.

“I think the biggest challenge you’ll see is the sheer volume of regulations that Washington is trying to put on dealers,” he said.

“NADA was my backup in the years that I was clobbered with government regulations.”

Overall, Forrest believes in the virtues of NADA and the value of the automotive industry.

“It’s always surprised me the impact that dealers have on the economy.”

NADA Defends Dealers

Forrest talked passionately about NADA’s capacity to help dealers defend against risk and intense government regulation.

“When the government tries to change the way you finance your consumers, you better bet that NADA will get in the way.”

Forrest also talked about NADA’s ability to work with manufacturers and vendors By having dealers fill out the “Dealer Attitude Survey,” NADA is able to advocate on behalf of dealers to make relationships with OEM’s better.

The Auto Industry Works Hard

Forrest McConnell discussed how hard working dealers are and told many success stories of the courageous professionals who have struck out to start their own dealership.

“Our industry believes that anyone who wants something badly enough can get it,” he said.

McConnell’s speech was passionate and genuine and the automotive industry should feel great about the man working on their behalf.