Multi-channel Promotion FAQ’s

By: Felicia Savage

Since introducing our multi-channel offerings, many of the same questions have come up about planning and running multi-channel promotions. While we’re always happy to personally answer your questions, you might be able to find the answer you’re looking for right here. Here are 5 of the most frequently asked multi-channel questions!

1.    What are the benefits of running a multi-channel promotion?

  • You can reach more consumers by leveraging several marketing channels to get your message across. Some consumers respond better to one type of channel over another.
  • When brands leverage cohesive branding & messaging, consumers see the same imagery and message across all channels, which makes the promotion feel legitimate.
  • Dealers can stay top of mind with consumers when they hit them with the same promotional message across multiple mediums, from direct mail to Facebook to TV.

2.    What are the benefits of running a multi-channel promotion?

  • PERQ’s multi-channel promotions consist of 2 main advertising services:
    • Direct Mail
    • Targeted Display
  • Additionally, dealers have the option of adding these enhancements to a promotion:
    • Texting is an add-on for mail (or print ads, etc.) that drives additional microsite engagement.
    • Conversion Boost turns your leads into in-store appointments. We take all incoming calls and make loads of outbound with one goal: setting appointments. If the phone isn’t enough, we follow up with email too.

3.    What in the world is Targeted Display?

  • We call it Targeted Display because it’s displaying highly targeted ads to consumers. When you look at Facebook and see “suggested” or “sponsored” posts in your timeline, they most likely have some relevance to you.

4.    What does PERQ’s Targeted Display look like?

  • It includes Facebook in-feed sidebar ads + mobile apps.
  • We target by zip code.
  • We look at in-market consumer purchase intent using Polk data.
  • We refer to sources such as Datalogix to write psychographic profiles custom to the target market.
  • We create advertisements based on those profiles. Those ads match the creative of the rest of the multi-channel promotion.

5.    How do PERQ’s other services work in a multi-channel promotion?

  • Conversion Boost calls on event leads from direct mail and targeted display, and the results our dealers have experienced are astounding. It doesn’t make sense to not add it to any campaign!
  • Texting gives consumers another easy way to engage with the direct mail. They can either type in the PURL, or text to register. Meanwhile, the FATWIN dashboard shows how many consumers register via text.

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